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Dutch newbie


Well-Known Member
Hi all,

I’m Nils from The Netherlands.
I’m fairly new to wetshaving, but for the last 10 months now i’ve been strictly shaving with a straight razor and enjoying the benefits of shaving like this. Also trying out and acquiring different soaps is a hobby in itself.
Hope to learn more from everyone here and have fun while doing that.

The King

Well-Known Member
Hi, Nils,

It's nice to see you here as well, so we can make it a fun, enjoyable, beautiful, exciting and above all a knowledge-promoting forum.

By the way, you describe yourself as a newcomer, but in all those years I never managed to shave me well with an open knife, so in that respect you have more experience like me.:daumenhoch


Well-Known Member
Don't do it Hans! You even drop safety razors now and then, I'm shivering by the thought that you would handle a straight razor :flucht1