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Empty bottles

The King

Well-Known Member
One of my favorite "old" smells, Irisch Moos, went on today.

But of course I have built up a safety stock of my favourites so we can continue to sprinkle.
Oh, that's a sensitive loss. I hope you have a spare bottle Tabac in stock? :Eek

Always, since it was my fathers favourite and the first ASL (from him) I ever used. Alhough not my favourite any more, it will always have a place in my cuboard ;)
I'm happy to add my post. It takes such a long time to empty something.

A bottle of speick as. I will buy it again in the future. I liked it. I'll reuse the bottle for clubman. I do not like the plastic bottle.

Balea ultrasensitive balsem. I'm not going it to buy it in the near future I have some Manu different balms that needs to be emptied first.