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Erik Anton Berg Eskilstuna. Frameback.Leopardwood & wenge.


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Posted the final result in a new thread.
Razor: Erik Anton Berg,Eskilstuna Sweden. Gently restored. Original scales in ivory,but cracked.:O
Leopard wood scales finished in CA.Wenge wedge..not as wanted, a small imperfection at one side of the scales.

The overall finish leaves much to desire,compared to my mentor Ray,but it was a learning process.
I didnt manage to make the very best of this wonderful wood,but at least I tried:scared:




Your modesty belies your talent Torben.

Thats a nice looking razor, hows the shave?
good work and I see that you are not totally happy with the finish, but I know you worked very hard on this and that speaks volumes :thumbup:

Well done my friend
Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)
Ahh..great shave Brother Ralfy.Thanks,many hours spend,but I`m not pleased with the result.
Though I find it relevant to share..hmmm..projects that didnt turn out perfect. That is a part of the learning process ..I guess....bwahaha.
Kind regards
These scales look just fine. I have only one issue with your design and that is the size of the washers and pins, they seem just a little large for that size scale.

If you are looking for a bit more gloss on the finish, CA is a real candidate for very fine rubbing compound. Just take a little on a rag and polish the surface. Then once you have the gloss, polish with regular auto polish.

Ray..thanks. They are perhaps not the worst scales ever seen :rolleyes:
Hmmm..yes the washers and pins to add some undesired "weight" to the scales.

I`m quite often intrigued by the fact that, something as "simple" as scales can be so tricky to create... There are just so many things to take into consideration. And a very high degree of precision is needed. And offcourse ...PATIENCE!:w00t:

Thanks for helping out on this one Ray..will do some more polishing.

Kind regards
Here's a general woodworker's adage:

«When the wood figuring speaks richly, keep the shapes and ornaments of modest simplicity,
When the shape is rich and ornamented, choose a silent wood»

Or something like that. After over 20 years of woodworking, I find it one the most valuable guidelines, yet also one of the hardest to stick to.

It's a lovely razor, Torben,

Kind regards,

Thanks & you are absolutely right. Should have used simple washers instead. Though I cant find it in my heart to take it apart and re-pin it;)

Next project :
Spalted pekan scales, most kindly provided by Ray.
And a Wostenholm Celebrated Hollow Ground.
Will take some time though as Ray will give long distance instructions :thumbup:
Kind regards
Dear Torben,

For me, a project is always 2 things: 1: something to be proud of (and you certainly deserve to be take pride in the work you've showed us so far).
And 2: a lesson for next time.

Enjoy the new project. With Ray watching over your shoulder, it can only become a most rewarding experience.:thumbup:

With Ray watching over your shoulder, it can only become a most rewarding experience.

Indeed!Guess I better do it right or he will come knocking at my door :scared:

Regards gents
Good lord, another! are you serious?! If you just like making all these great scales for fun I have a load of razors that you can try!:lol:

Great work again man!
Those scales look really nice Tobin. Love the finish on the wood... and how the top of the scales neatly follow the spine.:thumbup:

Just one observation though... it appears you didn't "dome" the off-side pin on the wedge end.
Just one observation though... it appears you didn't "dome" the off-side pin on the wedge end.[/quote]

Ahh a sharp eye Sir Smythe. That is corrected by now;-)

Thanks and regards
If you have a picture of the W&B I would sure like to see it :rolleyes:
And it would give a hint towards the wood type..

And ..Quote:have patience and the universe will provide all you need.Quote end. Thats the words of a helpful american gentleman :thumbup:

Kindest regards
When I go home today I will get you some pictures torben. It is a longer tanged one. Thanks a lot for the offer, It means a lot to me.

Thanks again,

It will be a pleasure. No need to thank. Got a looooong summer vacation ahead, so it will be a delightfull project ;-) And a pic ot two will be just fine.
I have only one demand: It will be finished when its...finished! Bwahaha..;-)

Kind regards
Torben, please see my thread "My new coticue came today" for pictures. There is a W&B 1/4 hollow and a Robeson full hollow. The Robeson is one of my favorite brands of shavers. I am collecting each of the beard types. This razor came with a sticker attached that I removed from the scales. It said "Honed and Ground for Wiry Beard, Skin Exposed To Weather". It would be a hoot if you could somehow attach it with clearcoat or something like that. It would be great to see it on there again! I had to pull it off after it got wet from honing.

If you can't do the sticker thing, I will send you the W&B instead.

Thanks again buddy! It means a lot to me!:thumbup:
Sorry for the delay Torben, the razors were shipped today. I shipped them priority, so expect delivery in 4-8 days!

Sorry for the hang-up

Oh, here is the code you can use to track it
Hi Caleb

No worries. Havnt been home for the past week and have a lot of work untill the middle of next week. I`ll let you know when the package arrives..oh you can track it yourself.. past my bedtime...:scared: Hope you will have some patience and allow me to take the needed a friend of mine told me: "Have patience and the universe will provide all you need"
Have a nice one Caleb
You take all the time you need! If you choose the Robeson, I have enclosed with it a carrying sleeve. It is made from wool and was the coffin robeson used back then for the Shure-Edge. If you use the Shure edge, it would be nice to be able to fit it into that sleeve. They protect razors from rusting so well, I don't see why they ever messed with cardboard boxes:thumbdown:

As of Saturday it is in chicago illinois B)

Thanks again (I know, I'll stop thanking........until I get the fine specimin back:thumbup: !),