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First Belgium guy


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I'm Ron, 61 and married to Antje. Retired from the military (Para-Commando regiment, forward observer and dog handler), my days are now filled with Zen meditation, Ashtanga Yoga, Bike riding, Shaving related stuff, growing vegetables, cooking, obeying my wife, etc

My shaving material includes straights, DE's, SE's and shavettes.
Almost half a century of shaving twice a day and still enjoying it tremendously, lets make this a good place to be around!
Have a nice shave!

The King

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How nice to see my great Belgian friend is also there.:disco1

Through his many international contacts and source I have been able to buy many beautiful and rare shaving products.

Snuff and I are almost brothers already and to support this new initiative also made a donation.
Good luck with the forum Dirk and all others who make this possible.



Welcome_At_Shavinfuniverse_Com again. really cool what is going on here. I almost cn not believe it...we are not officially online yet but people joind us already, This is really cool!

I guess we will have really a lot of fun here! :dance1

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I am not able to keep up with your speed. I am too old for you young, fresh men... :blush

Thank you too for your donation. This motivates a lot to continue our efforts to make a grat place to join, to meet others and party with the members here! :disco1


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Hi Ron, good to find you here. Not surprised though because I find you everywhere else that is shaving related. :)