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Gillette Psycho


Absurd hero
In the line of prisonrazors, the best known is probably the Gillette Psycho. Basically, a Tech with a fat, hollow handle, only openable with a key. As the razors were sold in boxes of ten razors and one key, most that are around do not have one.
The reason they need a key is that the inmates, or in the case of mental institutions the patients, could not get their hands on the blade. As mine did not have one, I made one of an allenscrew, two nuts and a drop of superglue. Ugly, but functional. As I still hope to find a complete set of 10 at an affordable price some day, I decided not to get the Razor Emporium replica key.
Shave: reasonably mild, as can be expected of a Tech.
DSC05053.JPG DSC05054.JPG DSC05055.JPG DSC05056.JPG DSC05057.JPG


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Great looking key! So now you and I have keys we could have made from parts in the prison machine shop for our respective prison razors. Of course you and I will be removing the blade not for nefarious reasons, but to put in our favorite blades to shave with. :kaputtlachen1


Absurd hero
I just improved it by making it as ugly as the one a French bloke is selling on ebay: replace one of the nuts with a wingnut. Where yesterday I went to the hardwarestore and weighed one screw and two nuts, for two barcodes totalling 34 cents, I today weighed one screw, one nut and one wingnut, for a total of three barcodes and 49 cents. I did not use the selfservice register, and my little purchase looked kind of lost in the mandatory, huge, cart.


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Psycho Key copy.jpg
This was one of my "Lockdown" projects.

I have an original key with mine but its always kewl to use something that you made yourself. This was a "mistake" Gibbs handle that I turned down to fit inside the handle and inserted the hex-head bolt.

I didn't have a stainless steel one, so just used one that I had. At some point I may change it..​


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My Gillette Psycho...​

After a lot of research I was able to find and buy this razor from a Spaniard who sold all the razors inside the original box individually .. it was a bit difficult to convince him to get me 1 razor the key and the original packaging ...:happy