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  1. efsk

    John Watts New Service razor

    Amazing little contraption, this razor made by the 1765 founded John Watts in Sheffield. Peter has done some digging up history of the company, so I'll just bother you with the razor, which was first released and patented in the UK in 1929, in the US in 1931. I placed this in my slant...
  2. efsk


    Brumml, Sausalito. Basically rebranded Merkur, as were Hoffritz, Coles, Pomco, etc. Don't know nothing about the brand except that, and the fact I own two Brumml razors. For instance this beautiful 38, as they were called by Merkur, back when the 38 was stil a slant. As it's gold, would be a 38g...
  3. efsk

    Gillette Psycho

    In the line of prisonrazors, the best known is probably the Gillette Psycho. Basically, a Tech with a fat, hollow handle, only openable with a key. As the razors were sold in boxes of ten razors and one key, most that are around do not have one. The reason they need a key is that the inmates...
  4. efsk


    An SE @gvw755 pointed me at. Takes thin blades, clamped down by the cap that is branded Krytyk. Bottom of the base only has Pat'd July 18, 1911. Patent meant is number 998009, patentee Floyd D Jones. Razor was produced by the Jones Razor & Mfg. Co., Kansas City, Missouri. U.S. and has a head...
  5. efsk

    Still V.E. Angle

    A few years back I found razorblades of the Still Angle brand. Pics showed these to be far from standard, and suggested a slanted razor, so I bought a bunch. Ever since I've been searching for the razor that should hold them. The blades: Then, recently, I found a razor advertised as the Still...
  6. efsk


    The Oblyc is a very nice razor with adjustable tilt. It is basically the same head as the Volcanic with a different handle. Here's a nice travelset. Not sure if the brush is original. Head is branded Oblyc No2, BvteSGDR. Made by Unis France.
  7. efsk

    Eversharp (Norway)

    It was a little confusing, this razor. Eversharp, isn't that Schick? Didn't Gillette have something to do with it back in the day? Big question marks until @sɐǝɹpu∀ found the solution: there was an Eversharp in Norway that was not related to Schick or Gillette. He even showed the patent for it...
  8. efsk


    I got this Volcanic from France. A slant where the head can be adjusted in three steps, both extreme steps are the same here, so actually only two :) Mechanism is the same as that of the Oblyc, also from France. Where with this kind of razor normally a joint is built into the screw, here the...
  9. efsk


    Zwilling/Henckels may be well known for their straight razors (that are very good indeed) they also made some nice DE. Quite a few of these seem to be rebranded Merkur, often sold under the Henso brand. Recently I acquired this nice travelkit. The celluloid stick/brush-olders (one of which did...
  10. efsk


    From Portland, Oregon comes the Krect Razor Company. The razors are patented by a patent filed by and assigned to Chester Gratiot. There exist three models, that have in common a very sleek head, nicely torqued to form a very mild yet efficient slant. The first model is this three-piece sort...
  11. efsk


    A much coveted French razor is the Bohin. Apart from its very nice handle and solid looking head, it is known for its dual sided head: it has a cote de pres lame, and a cote de tres pres lame: close or extra close shave. Received the acompanying bladepack yesterday, missing is the styptic...