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Globus / Globusmann, Edmund Bergfeld & Sohn, Solingen


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Here an unmarked "Globus" razor. I could only identify it when I saw its counterpart in the bay with the mark "Globus" on the lid and found it on page 128 of the Razor Compendium. "Globus" as well as "Globusmann" were brands of the company Edmund Bergfeld & Sohn from Solingen. The razor does not seem to be too common and in the bay one would say "very rare":)

The bar may look a bit brutal, but the razor is not aggressive. In my opinion it is a bit more direct - and also noticeably more thorough - than e.g. a Merkur 34 or the EJ/Mühle derivatives, but without reaching an R41 level. I used the razor with ASP, BIC, Sputnik, Ladas, Astor, GBE, Personna and Voskhod and it worked quite well with all of them. It is estimated that the razor dates from the 30s to early 50s of the last century.

Globus1.jpg globus2.jpg Globus3.jpg Globus4.jpg


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My contribution to the Globusmann thread is the mystery bakelite slant that Razorock Joe found a bunch of and sold most and kept a few to experiment in making a metal slant razor out of it. It evolved to the Stealth and finally to the Wunderbar. @efsk had mentioned to me that the original was probably a Globusmann or a clone of one.



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At first I was was going to post this as a unknown razor, but I think the handle identifies this to fit in this thread. I submit my unmarked globusmann slant razor. 31C4C5C9-3F1F-4F73-95F4-C46F3DA777C2.jpeg 1D1FE351-E3F0-4BCE-BAC9-13BCFBEC077C.jpeg


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