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Got myself a boar shaving brush


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Oh lord, does it stink! It's an Omega 48, looks awesome, smells horrible. It comes straight from Rome, and it smells like it walked its way all the way over here :scared:

I washed it five times already, still stinks like no tomorrow, it's CRAZY, unbelievable :lol:

How long untill the smell is gone?

It's very soft however, I was not expecting this. It has a lot of backbone, yet very soft even compared to my badger. I think this will become my new favourite for soaps.


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Wow, i would like a boar, I think there are 2 important things
buy quality, low quality boar brushes are BAD
they take some breaking in, and smell like a dead dog for a while
However they will give you wonderful lather and last a long long time if you can stick with


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The brush is fantastic, truly nice, didn't shed a single hair after all the abuse I gave it. They sell it everywhere in Italy, I'm pretty sure that at least half of the population that uses a shaving brush in Italy is using this model. Every city and town I've been there they sell this brush and Proraso :)

Its just the smell lol, wow, I read it stinks the first few shaves, but I thought it would just 'smell', but this one... really stinks! :lol:

It's a very cheap brush by the way if you compare it to a badger, I think you could get it for under 15 dollars, in Italy it's not even half that price I believe. But it's cheap because its boar, it's a very quality brush I'm sure.

Also, and I know people will not believe this, but a boar brush is very soft after a while. This one for example is already very soft, my badger 'prickles' a lot more than this boar. That said, my badger brush is horrible and I've order a knot to make my own silvertip brush.

Anyhow, I really recommend soap users to try a badger, they are cheaper than a movie ticket (here at least), so why not give it a try, you'll be surprised. I've been waiting for mine for a loooong time now, and am very happy I finaly have a boar again :thumbup:


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I'd really like to get a Semogue (is that how it's spelled?) boar brush. People say that they get softer than pure badger, which is what I currently have, and I find it to be rather prickly. And when I say soft, I mean as in touch, not backbone. I don't really like how my Rooney performs with soaps, it's just not strong enough to get any soap off the dang puck, but that boar would work wonders.



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I use a Kent pure badger, not a prickle to be felt, and when it comes to picking up soap, I just reach round the handle to grip the bristles with my fingers and thumb, this shortens them (the bristles not my and stiffens them up a treat

I would love a Semogue too, Bruno sells a good range over at:
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Boar senses tingling! I must go! ;)

Boars are great. I will freely admit, when I got my first Omega it REEEEEEEKED. For a good 4 days. Like, a dead animal in my bathroom. But then it died down and that is still my go to brush.

You can read about it here:
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I have two other omegas, one identical knot to the first in another custom handle, and one 21047 that is a beast of a travel brush. These others actually didn't smell at all...I don't know why.:confused:

I also have a Semogue 1305 boar, and it is very quickly (I'm almost ashamed to say this) replacing my Omegas in's very much a different brush to the Omegas, but wonderful in its own way. I will be getting more of these, no doubt. Class, old school style, handmade feel, and pure quality. No doubt about it, winners.

Boars do take a bit of time to blossom into their true potential, and they are DIFFERENT from badger. Don't approach boar as just a cheap badger brush, it takes a different approach--get used to it, and it'll take care of you fine.

People might not believe me, but I've tried badgers made by the big names--$150 brushes by Simpsons and Shavemac, and cheaper customs, and none of them ever got more than 3 or 4 shaves before I went back to boar.


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Here Here Jim!

I use a Semogue Slivertip Badger myself, which I prefer over my Omega.
But I like your enthusiasm. Nothing wrong with a boar brush. Maybe I'll buy one of those Semogue boars at some point. I'm actually waiting for Bruno (aka Leon) to show his face around here. ;)



Bart said:
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I've got one of the Semouge Silvertip 730 and I recently bought the matching 620 Boar brush , which imho is really nice and ...... it doesn't stink like my Omega did when I first got it ..
For the 15 Euro or so I paid I'd recommend anyone to try these boar brushes .

Incidentally I bought my Omega boar simply because I loved the shape of the Ovankol handle :)

cheers Garry