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Hello from a Spaniard in Utah


Active Member
Hello everybody here !

I'm Teiste , from the Canary Islands , Spain , living in Utah now and the admin of

This is a great community I can see right away and a pleasure to be part of it.

Greetings from USA and I'll see you gentlemen around.
Great to have you here Teiste, I have enjoyed many of your reviews on other forums :daumenhoch
Utah.....been there three years ago for a couple of weeks and can't wait to come back! Such a beautiful and impressive part of the US.:)
Hi Teiste,


I'm Teiste , from the Canary Islands , Spain , living in Utah now

That is nice. My parents in law are living since 20 years on Tenerife. We go there each year 1-2x. All Islands of the Canary Islands are so beautiful daumenh!

...and the admin of

Now this is really good. I do think that the spanish straight razors do not get the attention they deserve. It would be great to learn from you about good alternatives to Filarmonica :disco1
I have been classic shaving for over 11 years now and never have used a straight razor @dirk Shame on my I guess

Now that is a pity. But maybe your spanish users can recomment to you some good spanish brands/models?