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Hello from Augsburg, Germany


Dear all,

I,ve been notified by the forum I am currently in ( about the Integration of the former into and decided to join this community.

I‘m shaving myself with a straight razor (sometimes the straight is substituted by a safety razor, while traveling for instance). I’m also sharpening my razor as well as other sharp tools (woodworking and woodcarving tools and knifes of course).
Have a couple of man made stones (like king1000 and recently a shallow Naniwa SS12k) but my passion belongs definitely to natural abrasives.

I am not explicitly collecting stones or razors butpurchasing from time to time something new, make some practice on it and maybe sell it or some other stone. By this I hope my set of stones is continuously getting better (subjectively assessed of course).

ok, thing that’s it for now,
Looking forward being part of this community!