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Hello from your newest member.


New Member
:w00t: Greetings all.
My name is Chris and I'm fairly new to the world of straight razors. I have about ten or so now. I have spent hundreds on stones and am now perfecting my techniques. :sleep:


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Welcome Chris. You probably spent a few hundred too much, but heck, each of us could use only one razor... :D

Have a great time at! I hope you find it a valuable source of information and a friendly place to hang around.

best regards,


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I hope you like it here

kind regards

ps I moved your thread to the Miscellaneous Stuff area where I think it's more on it's place


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Welcome from me too :thumbup:

I hope you find all the information and advice you need to get the most from Coticules

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


New Member
:lol: thanks for the great welcomes.
I hope to learn a lot from this site and community and also to give back knowledge and tips as and when they are needed. seems like a brilliant place to be.



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Hi Chris and welcome!

And don't listen too closely to what the boys say here:

Matt said:
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I personally use 4 razors for each shave: One for each cheek, one for the neck and one for the mustache area. :sleep:

And of course I deploy 16 coticules for a honing session: One for each dilution step ( I do 8) one - and that of course per side of the blade.

But that of course, is only the way I do it ..
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I cannot top the madness displayed above. So I shall only say...Welcome to the forum!