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Its very quiet on here this week guys, is it me or have things slowed down as we all get snowed under by the Holidays??


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I think everyone is getting ready for next week. Temperature here today was 62, just a little chilly this morning.

I will be heading to Ohio tomorrow, temp 16f. Boy I can't wait.

By the way Ralfy, how did that blade finally turn out?



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Bless you Ray, its about 21 degrees here Brrrr, keep warm buddy
Yeah the blade is coming along fine, I am just about to start finishing it on coti/water as we speak, had a bit of a game with the ever returning frown, ended up realising that a case of spine wear by a previous keeper was causing it. again I should have seen it earlier I guess?
Thank you for all the help its been really kind of you.
Best wishes and travel safe Buddy


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10 below zero in Belgium. Celsius not Fahrenheit. 15 cm of snow, which is a lot around these perimeters.

Had to drive to my physical therapist today (that bloody finger is refusing the bend properly, I need to submit myself to torture 3 times a day, and one session of extra torture at the therapist every 2 days). Normally it's a 15 minutes drive. Took me an hour with all this snow. But I like it. An hour of rest while driving the car. Quite a relieve.:thumbup:

I'm sure the end of the year keeps us all occupied with far more important affairs than getting lost in the Cafeteria at

Merry Cristmas,


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Bart said:
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Still have to find time for friends though :) It was in the 60s today (Fahrenheit obviously :D )

I've been on a lot, but not posting too much.

Merry Christmas to you too:thumbup:


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Nor'easter dumped 10 inches (25cm) of snow here in New York over the weekend… whatever the temperature here, it just blood curdling cold… I miss the tropics. Take care of the finger Bart.

Hope you all enjoying the season so far.


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After having -25 ºC and ~30 cm of snow on Monday night in Warsaw everything melted by now.
Now it's as much as +2 ºC. Wow!
Climate warming is knocking at the door, isn't it? ;)