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F Herder
Rich abr Herder
Heinrich Herder.
Herder family .. I love them. There are more makers in the Herder family than just F Herder. for example rich abr Herder. Heinrich Herder. and in my opinion also an L Herder. started making razors in the late 1800s and early 1900s until after the 2nd World War. All in all when I see one for sale, I still take it with me. In my opinion you can never get enough of it
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I totally agree with you @Rudolf1 I have 5 Herder razors and I enjoy them all

In fact the razor i learned straight shaving with is a 7/8 Herder with a round point
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Haha, yes that must be the one. I was kind of surprised you didn’t bid on it. I would like to see if i can restore it to an operational state again. I guess it will need quite some sanding. I never done it before so I hope I don’t ruin it.
Maybe I’ll seek your advise on the subject, when i run into problems:happy


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Thats something I noticed already. If you’re not bidding there’s probably a good reason why.
Normally I’d rather buy one from you just so I know its well looked after and in perfect shave ready condition but I wanted to try and see if restoring one is something for me.
I actually forgot about this one until the seller contacted me he was ok with my bid. I think I will check the letterbox to see if it’s here already....will post pics....


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Here it is
7A11AAD4-DA89-4717-AF9D-0C7A0D7040ED.jpeg 690909BD-E3F7-4CE5-AE0B-54C379D8388C.jpeg 1C4119FB-A62A-45B6-9532-448B60AF1974.jpeg BBF036D3-D065-4023-BB58-A3986597430C.jpeg

And after some elbow grease with 80 and 100 grit sandpaper


So this would be a #1? It measures about 20-21mm and has a bit of a smile. The scales seem to be bakelite. They smell a bit funny....
I’m now contemplating on what to do. Keep on sanding and polishing until high gloss or stop at lets say 400 grit and metal polish to keep showing the ‘vintage’ character of the razor?


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I wouldn’t go any further than 800 grit and then you could use some metal polish. What I would Normally do is test the metal of the edge to see if it will take a bevel with a 1 k hone. Test it with the ‘thumbnail’ test. If you don’t know what that is google it. You don’t want to put in hours of work and then find out that the razor probably won’t shave.