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Hi from a new member


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Well Merry Christmas!

I've been a member over at SRP for a while, but just signed up here a few minutes ago. I'm officially re-entering the coticule brotherhood after a short stint on the dark side. I got a nice big coticule bout yesterday for christmas. I haven't had a chance to really use it, but will post pictures of the stone later today or tomorrow. I'm glad there's finally a forum dedicated to those beautiful belgians!


Welcome to the group. I'm a relative newbie myself having largely transitioned from synthetics to a coticule bout within the last 5 months or so. What a nice Christmas gift you received! Enjoy.

Happy holidays,

It was actually a great christmas shaving year.

I got:

Castles Forbes Lime
Speick Soap
Alex Jacques (Philadelh) Razor

I`m a bit dissapointed with the coticule though. I`ve been lapping it for a while and there`s a few tiny spots that aren`t smooth even sort of flaking.

I realize that they`re natural stones and that can happen, but it still sucks hehe
Welcome to the Coticule Cult :rolleyes:

This really is a great place to learn. Enjoy your time here:)
Welcome my friend, you will find it rather cozy here, an island sanctuary, away from the restless seen of other shaving forums, there are only friends here.

I too have come from a life of synthetics, still use them, but this Holy Stone is unique, never a two the same, but one thing for sure, spend enough time to get to your hone and you'll very seldom be disappointed.

Yes, post some pics when you have the time and our resident Czar-O-Coticule will be along shortly with interesting info including the name of the layer it may have come from.
Between the IMG tags, you can only place a link to a picture that's already present on the net, such as images posted on Photobucket, or other places where you can upload pictures for free. We currently can't afford the server space for uploading pictures directly on our servers (we made an exception at the MarketPlace).
Here's a thread that describes the linking of picture in more detail.

Best regards and welcome to
Still can't upload the pics for some reason (My Mac doesn't want to cooperate) so I figured I would simply post the link where I posted my pictures. Feel free to comment on the stone (Yes you Bart!) heh

Cheers Guys,

Still can't upload the pics for some reason (My Mac doesn't want to cooperate) so I figured I would simply post the link where I posted my pictures. Feel free to comment on the stone (Yes you Bart!) heh

Cheers Guys,


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Quick question guys,

I'm about to try the unicot method with a nice 6/8 Extra hollow razor. I've always hone with a layer of tape on my razor...So would it be okay to start the whole process with one layer and then jump to 2 or possible 3 layers of tape?

Thanks a bunch!

Yes you canstart with one layer then add just one more it works very well. Or two if you prefer one extra layer works
dayam that top one is the slimmest ive ever seen, is it possible to hone on that?!!

Oh, and i was having the same pic problems as you are. Im using google chrome and i found that if i right click on the pic you want, and select the *copy image URL* and paste that into the space it needs to go on here, it works fine.

The top one is actually the slurry stone. LOl. I asked the guy for the biggest slurry stone possible. I just finished honing a blade with it. Seems nice. I will shave with it in a bit. I will keep you guys posted!
Hi Jean-François, I didn't realize it it was you. (altough that sig-line sounded very familiar).:)

You have made it difficult for yourself by buying Coticules with shapes that don't suit razor honing very well.

The narrow one will do, but it's not going to be easy to keep a steady and even honing stroke on such a narrow surface.
With a lot of experience it can be done though.

The diamond shaped bout will be even more challenging, because you a good X-stroke actually demands 1 straight long edge. That's why you won't see that diamond shape in the Vault. Even Smythe's coffin shaped n°19 still has one long edge completely straight. It's okay for chisels and place blades, but for razors, it'll be very hard to get an edge that's sharp along its entire length.

Sorry to bring this so directly. The very best advice I can give you is to replace that hone by one with a shape that accommodates razors better. It'll save you a lot of future frustration.

Best regards,
Well I would rather pick that one for honing razors than the diamond shaped one.

But it does not hurt to try, and if you can manage to get good results from it, :thumbup: more power to you sir.
I have tried honing razors on that shapes, and I couldn't do it. Correcting a bevel on slurry with circling strokes, that I could manage, but reaching good keenness on the entire edge was beyond my talent.

Best regards,
Well Success. I just just honed a nice vintage 6/8 extra hollow razor (after dulling it on the bottom of a glass). Personally I don't find it difficult to hone on it. I don't know why, but it's working fine. I started with one layer of tape and honed until I could shave some hair and then proceeded to do some more on fresh slurry followed by an extra layer of tape and some more. I finished it up with water alone, some good stropping on fabric followed by red latigo. Got a nice close shave. Very Comfortable too!