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Hi there


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Greeting from The Netherlands. I try to keep it sample: my forum name and real name are the same.

After struggling with the multiple cartridge razors for 30 years I shave for four years with DE razor and straight for 3 years. The only struggle left is to keep collection a bit survayable.

Hope to read and write on this forum.


Hi Onno,


As you can see here are already quite a few members from the Netherlands daumenh!

Enjoy the forum and show us images from your razors :photos1


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Welcome Onno,

Coming to a shaving forum to try to keep your collection a bit survayable is like going to a candy store to try to control your love of chocolates. I remember shortly after I started seriously trying different razors, I sold off a bunch just to keep my collection confined to my bathroom. Now they take up a couple of parts bin cabinets outside of my bathroom in addition to still having many in my bathroom. Have fun and great shaves. :)