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An interesting razormaker these days is iKon. Not sure if it's true for all their razors, but with slants, they take a known and proven vintage model, and then create their own variant thereof. Most of those are rather good razors of themselves.
The first here is the 102, a slant based on the Mulcuto diagonal razor. This slant is different from what most are used to because the head is just tilted on the handle, and not torqued. I I call these models diagonals, as opposed to slants, even though a slant has a tilted cutting edge as well.
Shavingangle is the same as the Mulcuto, but the head is wider, the ends covering the bladetabs. Airplane grade aluminum, solid stuff, and shaves real good.
Shown here on a Mulcuto handle. Two pics with iKon cap on a Mulcuto baseplate.
I think this was the best of the Ikon slant copies. The original stainless steel copy of the Mulcuto Needlepoint was a little rough shaving (although since I don't have a Needlepoint, I don't know if that was how the real one shaved). The X3 which was a copy of the Lutz was comfortable, but did not have much difference between the two sides like the Lutz did. This 102 has all of the shaving qualities of the Mulcuto schragschnitt, but still being unique. I must swap the base plates next time I shave with mine. daumenh!
The iKon 102 slant is also a much appreciated Safety razor that I personally find more pleasant to shave than the Mulcuto version with plastic bottom plate.
Probably it's the heavier weight of the Ikon that I'm more charmed by. This makes me think that the iKon finds its way smoother over the skin and therefore also feels milder than the Mucuto.

Equipped with a Feather blade it also remains very mild to the touch where it is important to have the right shaving angle which is quite limited.

It is not the most efficient slant but a good middle class that gets you nice and smooth.

Once nicknamed "the engine" by a person who started this thread. :kaputtlachen1
Tonight I shave with an Ikon that was sold only as a seconds by the eBay seller that is really Ikon, but under a different guise. It is called the Hybrid, which is the cap of the X3 and the base plate of the B1. Strange as the history of it implies, it actually is a very good shaver. It has the efficiency of the B1, but the comfort of the X3. After selling both my B1 and X3, I find that I could have made this myself had I kept both.

My last Ikon to contribute to this thread - Ikon/Shavecraft 101. This was a dual comb razor with OC on one side and SB on the other side. Like most other Ikon razors, this was a copy of the Emir, except the head was slightly longer to cover the blade tabs. While attempting to serve two purposes, it fell slightly short in accomplishing either. It was overall a mild shaver, but not quite as efficient. Then again, the same could be said of the Emir.

Ikon 101 (I copied @efsk and used a vintage handle)

Emir dual comb
X3. Loosely based on the differential Solingen slant most commonly known as "Lutz". iKon did try and make this a differential razor as well, but dthe difference in the two sides is minimal. This is a very easy razor, Everyone can shave with this, eyes closed. Always a good result, no risk of damage. In a way, it is so good&easy, it gets boring.
Think the handle is a Windrose.
The grip was once ordered through a purchase action Richard that is still clear to me because I have the same. I also think it's a Windrose grip but slight doubt because it could also be a Red horseman.