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José Monserrat Pou (Filarmonica, Imperial, ...)


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image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg With my Avatar I am obligated to present my Filarmonica straights

In my possession
#14 first generation doble temple: still 23 mm left with black Horn non original scales

#14 second generation doble temple 25 mm and original scales

# 13 novodur

#14 sec was a lucky buy on eBay and my favorit straight razor. Still I am curieus on other J. Monserrat knives


This thread reminds me, that I still owe someone money for a Filarmonica... :eek: :blush

ok, now its official. Next week I need to rob a bank. Any recommendation which one is the easiest? Ideally without weapons and maybe also no alarm, open safe and employees who just put everything already in advance in a bagpack for me?