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July 19th - July 25th

Stirling 26/54,
La Toja,
RazoRock Old Type on iKon Bulldog handle,
Gillette Nacet (1),
Lea after shave bálsamo.


Nice headshaver, the head doesn't clog up with the week old hair.
J&T® Padoek finest 2-band badger Virginia Sheng,
The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp,
Paradigm Daimondback,
Gillette Rubie® Platinum Plus 3rd x,
Rebul Lavanda,
Seinz. After Shave Balsam,
Mennen Skin Bracer AS.


Brush and soap:
J&T® Padoek finest 2-band badger Virginia Sheng and The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp:
The J&T® Padoek finest 2-band badger Virginia Sheng is a beautiful tie with enough backbone and softness. However, after a longer use of the Oumo Brush LE 095/102 / silk HMW gel tip 26 mm I really notice the difference between these 2 brushes. The VS is firm and comfortable, while the Oumo feels sufficiently firm and very luscious. When feeling determines quality, the Oumo wins on points. Well this morning with the VS from The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp a nice full foam produced. Well soaked in and shaved nice and smooth again.
Blade and razor:
The Gillette Rubie® Platinum Plus for the 3rd time used.
Gillette Rubie ® Platinum Plus is fine on cut and I notice that daily turning the blade adds something. 2nd test round for the Paradigm Daimondback with this Gillette Rubie® Platinum Plus. Well let me be brief, if I pay close attention to the shaving angle, I get the best result ever with the material I was allowed to use so far. Ergo this scraper shouldn't be taken as a beginner, because then you can't determine if it shaves well or if you're scraping your skin, but if you've got that feeling, I think you can get a slightly better result from a shave. My skull has never been smoother and my face has never been smoother with a scraper. For the sake of conviction, I will shave a few more times in comparison, but it can't get much better for me. Should be, because those things are actually ridiculously expensive for the little bit of stainless steel you buy. Fortunately, emotion cannot be expressed in money!
Result: BBS.
Finally: not spent too much attention to the finishing, but was still nice with Rebul Lavanda, Seinz. After Shave Balsam and another light menthol kick from the Mennen Skin Bracer AS.
SOTD 19.07.2020
Pre shave : OSMA pre shave oil
Soap: Williams mug shaving soap
Brush : DScosmetic silvertip 30mm
Razor: Boker Classic 5/8
Bowl: DScosmetic
Post: Proraso Alum + Giardino dei Sensi emulsione dopobarba
AS: Floid The Genuine
Razor , Joris Plisson OC.
Blade , Polsilver ( 1 ).
Brush , Joris Plisson High Mountain White Fibre.
Bowl , Chinese travel bowl.
Soap , Bignoli Lavanda Balsamica.
AS , Calvin Klein Obsession.
3 Passes shave , and no fun.
When you think there is a nice Lavendel cream , and the smell is more Eucalyptus , my shave is gone.
This cream is a member of the never come back line.
Brad Sears/Morris & Forndran 1XL in Finest Badger, Disco Haze
CBL - The Shaving Cadre 2nd Anniversary LE Green Valley Links
Fine Accoutrements Premium Slant Razor
Voskhod (4,weg)

Three years after first using it the Fine delivers a real nice shave, as before, however unfortunately not in the (for me ) most comfortable way. There are other razors that deliver the same result easier.
I'm starting to suspect Aluminum. Lightweight razors really are my thing, but so far all aluminum razors have disappointed me ...
Razor: Timeless Bronze 0.38 (USA)
Blade: Gillette Platinum
Pre-Shave: Proraso Creme Pre Barba
Shaving Bowl: None
Soap: Proraso Green
Brush: Proraso boar
Aftershave: Proraso After shave
Aftershave: Proraso After shave balm
EDT: Old Spice Original
Muhle menthol monday

Proraso green preshave
M-keramiek scuttle
Yaqi timberwolf
Lord shaving cream
Muhle r41 grande + lord ss
Vdh alum
Humphrey's witch hazel cucumber mellon
Floid mentolado vigoroso, wilkinson hydro

Time for another blade.

J&T® Marble Wood APShaveCo SynBad,
Meißner Tremonia Indian Flavour,
Above The Tie S1,
Gillette Rubie® Platinum Plus 4th x,
Proraso Con Olio di Sandalo AS,
Naturlife Krem Vazelin Argan Ve Aloevera Özlü,
Loris So Old.


Brush and soap:
J&T® Marble Wood APShaveCo SynBad and Meißner Tremonia Indian Flavour:
Meißner Tremonia Indian Flavour is undisputedly a tasty and good soap. With the J&T® Marble Wood APShaveCo SynBad you create a nice foam with the scent of sandalwood, herbs and peppermint in no time.
Blade and razor:
The Gillette Rubie® Platinum Plus for the 4th time used.
The Gillette Rubie® Platinum Plus is still in its initial phase, nice cut and not angular sensitive. In the Above The Tie S1, the Gillette Rubie® Platinum Plus is very comfortable to shave with. This slightly curved slant is a very accurate shave. Compared to the Paradigm, there is a big difference, the S1 feels elegant in the hand, the Paradigm is really a piece of tool. The result counts, it's good and that's what it's all about. However, is it as good as with the Paradigm, in my opinion it is, but I will check that again tomorrow. For the time being I was perfectly smooth again.
Result: BBS.
Finally: matching Proraso Con Olio di Sandalo AS, Naturlife Krem Vazelin Argan Ve Aloevera Özlü and a nice woody puff Loris So Oud.