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Le Figaro


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Although the Figaro uses DE blades, it is an SE: only one side of the blade shaves. It is also an example that the French have their own ideas about razors.
The whole thing is thin. Folded in, in a closed box it is only 6mm thick. Unpacked, you turn the head a quarter of a turn to be ready for shaving and then you have a slant cut: one side of the "handle" is longer than the other.
To change the blade you pull both arms a little bit apart and then the head comes free. The head is actually just two metal plates where the blade gets stuck between. The whole thing should be put together in the right way, the wrogn way around will not shave.
The thing is aggressive, but shaves well: a long lasting BBS. That was a surprise.
DSC00875.JPG DSC00877.JPG DSC00878.JPG DSC00879.JPG DSC00881.JPG DSC00882.JPG DSC00883.JPG DSC00884.JPG DSC00885.JPG DSC00886.JPG DSC00887.JPG DSC00889.JPG DSC00890.JPG


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Nice catch Richard. Does the blade have a good fixation between the thin metal plates? It all looks a bit wobbly.