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  1. efsk

    Le Figaro

    Although the Figaro uses DE blades, it is an SE: only one side of the blade shaves. It is also an example that the French have their own ideas about razors. The whole thing is thin. Folded in, in a closed box it is only 6mm thick. Unpacked, you turn the head a quarter of a turn to be ready for...
  2. efsk


    The Oblyc is a very nice razor with adjustable tilt. It is basically the same head as the Volcanic with a different handle. Here's a nice travelset. Not sure if the brush is original. Head is branded Oblyc No2, BvteSGDR. Made by Unis France.
  3. efsk


    I got this Volcanic from France. A slant where the head can be adjusted in three steps, both extreme steps are the same here, so actually only two :) Mechanism is the same as that of the Oblyc, also from France. Where with this kind of razor normally a joint is built into the screw, here the...
  4. efsk


    After a long search I found my CEP. Brown/black flecked bakelite razor, with a Zaiss-head that is found on the NEo-Ras/Gam/Lux series of razors. Has the same claspingsystem too. Two differences however: the baseplate is marked "Made in France", and the metal clasp that holds the head in place is...
  5. efsk


    A much coveted French razor is the Bohin. Apart from its very nice handle and solid looking head, it is known for its dual sided head: it has a cote de pres lame, and a cote de tres pres lame: close or extra close shave. Received the acompanying bladepack yesterday, missing is the styptic...
  6. efsk

    Gibbs Advertising

  7. efsk


    Famous French brand that mostly made razors that took proprietary blades. Sometimes however, models can be found that take regular blades. Such as this Ref 12. A simple three piece razor, with an aluminum baseplate, cheap plastik handle, that shaves as effectively and as mild as a Gillette...
  8. efsk


    The JAK is a French single edge, toothed slant. It is an exact copy of the Griffs, except it has a different logo.
  9. efsk


    The below text I wrote on our German sistersite the 18th of may, 2018. Pics are from that same period: The French "Griff's" is a foldable, open tooth comb SE with its own model blade. Folding it opens the razor so that the blade can be replaced, opening it will hold the blade firmly in place...
  10. efsk


    Found this one in France, has no markings whatsoever, except for "555" on the topcap. It looks scary. Unusual is the very long centerpost.
  11. efsk

    Ile de France

    A brand that pops up on our favorite international auctionsite regularly, yet is bought not that often as it needs proprietary blades. A pity, really, as these are basically B3-derivatives and as such shave pretty good! If only we could put our modern blade of choice in it ... I haven't been...
  12. efsk


    Kabrand used to be a French razormaker. A French forum shows an invoice from 1922, and they existed until after WW2. Apart from straights (very good ones I might add) they made DE's and blades. The DE's came as regular and (non-torqued) slants, all in gold, silver and chrome. Most DE's have a...
  13. efsk


    More on Leresche history later. First I'd like to show some :-) A Leresche model 34. Needs some more cleaning. Thin handle, longscrew OC razor.