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Liebel - the Belgian DE


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When I saw the thread title and the creator of it, I was hoping to see a dozen pics :sabber1 and was ready to PM you for a lead as to where you got yours from. I have been looking for one for a long time now and came close when I found one that had a mismatched handle in a high end shaving set that was totally overpriced. I asked the seller if he would sell just the razor or if he would lower the price because obviously the pieces did not belong together AND I even told him what the razor was, but he wouldn't budge. 6 months later when it still wouldn't sell, he finally lowered the price to what I was offering and it sold immediately. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be helpful.:(


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Since I have the CBLsoap that is made with Guinness the distinction between soap and beer is starting to blur already. And I could have a rule not to let beer in the bathroom, but I like having a drink whilst soaking in the bathtub. I'll stick to your advice of taking it slow!