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March 7th - March 13th


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Vie-Long Epsilon White Horse Hair "Fan Shape" 27mm,
Mama Bear Sandalwood Rose,
Fatip Zebrano (OC),
Triton R3 7th x,
PeReJa Rose edc,
Kashmir Rose Lanna Oriental Spa Lotion,
Provence et Nature Rose Fernelle.


Brush and soap:
Vie-Long Epsilon White Horse Hair "Fan Shape" 27mm and Mama Bear Sandalwood Rose:
Actually, fragrance technically very funny, sandalwood with roses, however, whipping this soap with the Vie-Long Epsilon White Horse Hair "Fan Shape" 27mm beautifully releases the full fragrance palette of the Mama Bear Sandalwood Rose. Fresh floral full-fat firm lather with a yet somewhat worn wood note, perfect for shaving.
Blade and razor:
Used the Triton R3 for the 7th time.
The blade, the Triton R3, still performed well for the 7th time and can thus be used again tomorrow. The Fatip Zebrano (OC) is quite comfortable with this Triton R3. For an open comb razor quite a tame piece of equipment, but yes I am also used to an old Fatip for a long time and in the end I think that is a Roedter, because there is a big difference in the width of the top caps, so with this new one the blade lies much more curved on the teeth. In any case, in 3 rounds absolutely smooth without anything.
Result: BBS.
Finally: to keep the roses for a while PeReJa Rose edc, Kashmir Rose Lanna Oriental Spa Lotion and Provence et Nature Rose Fernelle rubbed on and sprayed.
That scent will last for a while.


Henson razor medium
Polsilver super iridium 1*
Yaqi Moka Express
A&E Revolution soap
Pitralon classic ASL
It’s a real mild and effective razor.
It was a smooth head and face shave.
Very happy with this razor.
Again smooth and fresh..!


Jan Zoethout

Well-Known Member
SOTD 20210307.

3P "La Crema Prodigio" pre-shave cream.
Vintage brush / Maggard synth.
Mühle “Sea Buckthorn” shaving cream.
DSCosmetic DS-X.2 razor.
Lord Classic (2).
Mühle “Sea Buckthorn” ASB.

Jan Zoethout

Well-Known Member
SOTD 20210308.

Proraso pre-shave cream (red: pre-).
Stork caprolon / Tuxedo.
Alexander Simpson "Sandalwood Ultra-Glide" shaving cream.
RazoRock Game Changer GC-OC84 / Stork Ti "Paladin" handle.
Lord Classic (3).
Proraso pre-shave cream (red: after-).
Loris "E-19" EdP (== Byredo Super Cedar).


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Omega 80097,
Martin de Candre Original,
Rockwell Razors 6s,
Triton R3 8th x,
Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Kolonya Klasik Limon,
Arko Nem Avokado ASB,
Loris E-113 Hermes Terry.


Brush and soap:
Omega 80097 and Martin de Candre Original:
Every time when Martin de Candre soap is on the menu again, the quality of the lather makes me happy. This morning the Original was whipped up with my vintage Omega 80097. That soap is so beautifully pure in scent, not a specific solid one-dimensional scent, no such a refined soap scent with light florality from a French soap shop. When I then see that such a nice dense fine bubbled viscous slightly tough foam arises, which lathers up well and leaves a nice gliding layer, well then I may call my shave already successful, without having done a stroke with a razor.
Blade and razor:
Used the Triton R3 for the 8th time.
The fact that the Triton R3 shaves for the 8th time in a nice, comfortable and smooth way, makes it all complete. In the Rockwell Razors 6s with plate 5 the Triton R3 again makes things nice and smooth. This phenomenal DDR blade, not all was bad, should really be produced again. The factory (Feintechnik) still exists in Eisfeld but has passed into American hands and now makes those subscription razors and private label blades under the name Harry's. Meanwhile, it has been sold on for a lot of money (1.37 billion dollars), to the owner of Wilkinson and Schick, Edgewel. Nice and good business apparently, those blades?
Result: BBS.
Finally: a little freshness, care and fragrance, but more because it can, than needs to after the MDC Original with Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Kolonya Klasik Limon, Arko Nem Avokado ASB and Loris E-113 Hermes Terry.
Nice start of the day again!


Absurd hero
Morris & Forndran Alibaba 22mm Flattop in Blonde Badger, Ivoorwit
Le Pere Lucien - Rose de Pushkar
Gillette - Tech WD (t)
Treet - Durasharp (2)

As good as the tech looks, in this slanted incarnation, as unpleasant is the shave. it just did not manage to cut through the hairs. I'm doubting I'll use this one again.