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Martin de Candre


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Highlight of this day for me was a visit at the Savonnerie of Martin de Candre in the neighberhood from Saumur France. This is where soaps and especially shaving soaps of high quality are manufactured and of course I had to take a look at that and also expand my assortment with a soap of the scent Vetiver. At home I already have roses, agrumes and origanal. That's all really good top quality. Because of the corona virus we weren't allowed to feel and smell unrestrained, but I got the ladies to take the lid off the pot and let me smell for a while. It can be seen that soap is manufactured here on a high level. They are housed in a part of a monastery, all very nice.


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Never been there but a friend of mine goes there sometimes, great bath soaps also, always have MDC in the house
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Today I went to Martin De Candere again for a small purchase and bought a box of Vetiver (for an friend) and a box of Fougère for myself. It was less crowded now and I could look around for a while.


The boss had just finished his soap production of the morning and in the wooden boxes are soaps drying and ripening, which takes weeks. Nice clean workshop and it smells divine.