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Neo Lux, Gam, Ras


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This is my report from last night's shave. I was not able to report last night because I was in the process of doing final assembly of my desktop computer, which is still going on now, but at least I can get to this site.

Continuing my week of bakelite razors, last night's shave was with the Neo Lux, an extremely diagonal razor that makes the Mulcuto of a few nights ago look like a regular razor. The Neo family of razors was created by Hermann Zaiss. They included the Neo Lux, Neo Gam, and the Neo Ras and it appears that there was no logic as to it's naming. It is unusual in that the head is secured at the extreme angle using a spring that clips the head on to the handle. Two other models were made, one being a clone of the Walbusch B3 and another having the same head as the extreme diagonals, but screwed in straight to a handle like a regular razor. I am hoping that by posting this thread, @efsk will post pics of those two.

Similar to the Knockout, the base of the Neo Lux has no lather holes, and the lather is directed out the other side of the head. I don't know the logic of such a design, however both these razors are very smooth and efficient shavers. The Neo Lux does take some practice as with such an extreme angle, you may want to correct your angle by adjusting the handle while shaving. While concentrating on that angle, you must also not forget the angle of the head against your face. Not an easy task the first couple of attempts, however it does get easier over time and yo will be rewarded with a great shave.

Neogam/ras and -lux were indeed used indifferently, so it seems, where the all-plastic ones are available as one brandname only, the model @gvw755 shows above in all brandnames. Apart from the above mentioned models, there's at least two more that I am still searching for: one metal clasped normal razor, and an adjustable angle one.
For some reason these were aimed at the German and Italian market.
I've some nice variations, will add to this thread later.
The plastic NeoRas. These plastic variants are either NeoRas or NeoGam, with the difference being the handle. There is no naming-ambiguity as with the above model. One exception to that rule, shown later.
The plastic case with mirror shown above came in at least two variants:

The razors in multiple colorcombinations. Two white/green are shown: one is NeoRas, the other NeoLux:
One of two regular model DE's made by Zaiss is this NeoGam. Basically, it is a regular head, with handle that fits in the narrow opening that can be found in the baseplate, and screwthread on the centerpost.
This is one terrific DE-head, shaves real nice in its diagonal position, and really shines in this regular configuration. There's a reason this has been claimed to be a better shaving head than a Wolfman.
I finally get to see the non diagonal one up close and taken apart! Interesting that they just threaded their regular post instead of putting in a regular screw post.