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New custom built - photo advice needed


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Have just finished making a new razor and would like to share some images:blush: .
Can anyone advise how to upload photos as it's been a while for me and am unsure of procedure:-/ .
I seem to recall they have to exist on another site somewhere first.
Thanks in advance.



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See this post for putting up pictures in your messages:
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Also, indeed, you can't link directly from your PC so you have to put your pictures somewhere "out there". There are several services available, personally I use

Subscribe, upload pictures and use the public key to put the link in your messages.


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Here's photo's.
Hope this works.





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Joey, no pictures show up ... at all. What code do you use ?
If the pictures are too wide you can solve that by using [img=800] rather than


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And now they have gone again.
Width is ok, it might be the file size?
I'll practice on test forum before posting again.


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Hi Joey,
Glad you managed to put the pictures up :D
I just love the blade, that's some wonderful spinework work. :thumbup: :thumbup:
What tools did you use ? How does it shave ?

On the other hand, I don't know why, but I'm not that much fan of the scales you made for this razor. But that's just personal preference of course.

Anyway, very nice work, I wish I were able to do so good a job !


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Hi Decraew,
Thank you for your honest opinion, I am probably my worst critic.
The blade was originaly quite a bit wider than this but had to reduce as I ground it to thin.
I think because of this scales look to wide, have left micro pins in as blade has to come back out for several reasons, just allowed me to get photo's up.
My tools are very cheap and basic, spine work done with a variety of files.
Honed it last night went quiker than expected got decent hht, will shave tonight and let you know.
Thanks for looking.



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Great blade, Joe. :thumbup: :thumbup: A little narrative about how you made it will be great too.

[sub]Not too excited about the scales. :blush: [/sub]


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Absolutely outstanding job on the spine!! Quite remarkable you did it all with files...

Yoy really should remove the micro fasterners and use real pins instead,that would give a more balanced design.

Regarding the scales..hmmm..they are greatly crafted for sure - much respect for that - but they doesnt really fit the blade. Too narrow in one end and too heavy in the other,but thats just my taste. If you are satisfied,it really doesnt matter what other people say:p

Splendid,top notch job,congrats on that.


EDIT. Forgot to ask: You made the blade yourself??


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What can I say, it's beautiful, love the spine work and it been a shoulder less blade makes it even more attractive in my eyes. Greets Ron


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That is a fine bit of work!! Your photography is fabulous! Wish't I could do half so well!


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One of my favorite things about this community is that everyone appreciates quality work, but is also prepared to be honest about things they don't like. It's a very impressive piece. Congratulations!

... But, I agree with the others about the scales. The file work is great, and I love the blade, too. :thumbup:


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Excellent work Joey,especially on the blade.Spine and edge seem completely parallel to the imaginary axis .Congratulations my friend
Best regards