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New Les Latneuses


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Wanted to say thank you to Bart for all his help so far. I just got this new stone and took some pictures of it wet and they came out really cool when I did an 'Auto-Tone' correction in Photoshop. It looks much lighter than this but the adjustment made the contrast stick out.


Hybrid Side:


And here is my other treasured Coticule, my La Petitie Blanche:



They are both exceptionally fast stones. I have only tried the Les Latneuses once so far and it puts a very easy to reach keeness and mellow edge compared to the LPB. It seems the LPB dulls with slurry more but still puts a great edge, albeit more engaging. I can't wait to experiment more with the Les Latneuses.


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Beautiful pictures, Russel.

Glad your liking the Les Latneuses.:thumbup:

Thanks for sharing,


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I'm especially fond of my La Petite Blanche, and I that BBW side is really beautiful. :thumbup: