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New semogues


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O I'm sure you won't ;) every time I suggest something worth buying you don't like it. (and vice versa). btw I won't either, as a matter of fact I had a MRI this morning of my back and they advise to immobilize one more disk in my back (no kidding!).

I will however bend just a little bit once the new Plisson synthetic grey becomes available in a nicer handle then the ones they have now (it is coming according to their email answer). And should I ever come across a Plisson Mountain High White brush I'l bend completely :buana

I bought several Semogue's in the past and their boar hair brushes are really excellent (boar is not talked much about anymore :confused)


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I've got two of this brushes in Torga-C3, the boar and the mixture.
I prefer smaller knot brushes, 24mm+ becomes to big for me.

I've been breaking in the boar for about 41 hours in tap water with two hand lathers after the first 24h.
After this I thought the brush was ready for a shave yesterday.

It's a very nice brush but still needs a few more hand lathers to get there.
I think this will be a winner for me.

The mixture was only soaking in water for 24h and in the hand lathers it's noticeable softer with less backbone. I even thought I got the wrong brush (very hard to differentiate between the mixture and finest in my opinion) but no.

I'm going to test the mixture Wednesday (only shave twice a week).


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Thanks for your opinion of this brushes, Tempting but I'll resist hopefully. I would probably be a faster (although probably not better) tester as I shave twice a day ;)