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Number of passes


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How many passes do you guys normally do? I usually do one WTG and one XTG. Because of my skin I don't think I could do more than 2 passes.



Well-Known Member
I've been leaning more towards one WTG, one ATG lately, for less irritation. Plus a little touch up on my neck, where I've got some hair basically parallel to my skin. In the past, I usually did one WTG, plus two XTG. But if I've done a real good job sharpening up a particular razor on a Coticule, WTG and ATG seems to do a pretty good job. On special occasions, I'll go WTG, XTG and then ATG.


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I always do 3 on my cheeks, WTG, XTG, ATG, and because of the way my neck beard grows I do 4 there, which are a mix of XTG and ATG, plus a little touching up on water.

I could not have imagined doing that many passes until I learned to Coticule hone, I suffer no ill effects at all, unless of course I slip!

Ralfson (Dr)


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I'm slowly getting my skin used to doing two passes after doing only one wtg pass for so long. I shave every single day so I don't usually look horrible with a one pass shave. I may have a bit of stubble at night, but by that time I don't really care. Even with only one wtg pass, I believe I get closer more presentable results than people using electric shavers.

It's really cold here right now, so I'll probably wait a few months before I experiment with doing more than 2 passes. When your skin gets exposed to -25 degrees temperatures, the slight existence of skin irritation gets highly amplified.