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The German razorbrand Pils produces rather minimalistic looking stainless steel DE razors, as well as stands and brushes. Some say the metal ones (some models have black plexiglass on the handles, those I like less, optically, than the all-metal ones) have a brutalilist look and feel to them, and I must admit: they do have a point.
Thanks to @Snuff I acquired a 101NE, a satin finish, all-metal variant.
The razor is a two-part, with the handle attached to the baseplate with a hex screw. That can be removed to fit custom handles, in which case you get a three-part razor. The blade fits in the cap completely, the sides are covered and the blade is kept in place, even though the cap only has the central screw. The baseplate has two small notches where ordinary razors have guideposts.
Everything fitted almost makes you think the baseplate is upside down.
Hndling the razor is not easy, angle can be found easily, I had, only one shave with it yet, a bit of a problem holding the angle. The metal is not slippery at all, perfect grip on the handle. Only point of attention is that you need lather on your face: on skin that is just moist or wet, the head can drag a little.
One of my all time favorites! Don't know why or how but this razor just fits my way of shaving, never a problem with angles (but I have heard that mentioned from others, they had good results in staying with just this one razor for a week or two until it became second nature).
Blades that give me the best shaves in the Pils are Kai stainless steel - Lord Super Inox - PermaSharp Super - Polsilver Super Iridium - Rapira Platinum - Super Iridium Wizamet - Feather new Hi Stainless - Gilette Black.
It definitely is a beautiful razor, however I was always hesitant with the blade sticking straight out.
It does stick straight out, but is clamped so firmly that it is still stiff enough to not flutter. Shape of the cap then makes it so that you can only hit your face with the blade in the correct shaving-angle. So even though the blade is flat and sticks out that way, there really is no danger of cutting or hurting yourself, and the amazing thing is how it can feel so mild yet shave so effective.
I found the Pils to be over-engineered and not by a shaver. Seems like German design -- but designed by someone who uses an electric razor. I may be wrong, but it seems more like a marketing ploy than a well-designed shaving tool.

I totaly agree.
I'm with @Snuff but you were able to read that already. I found this to be one of the most intuitive razors I've tried, incredibly effective considering how mild it is. IMHO if you have to choose between Pils, Wolfman or Charcoal Goods, Pils would be the better choice.
Before Pils produced their beautiful razor shown above, they produced aftermarket handles for Gilette. Maybe other brands as well, I don't know (yet). Came with matching brush as well!
Here's an ugly handle attached to a very early, date-code K1, Gillette Knack head.