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Pre Shave Oil


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I got a sample of this pre shave oil and I like it. It also does what it says. Has anyone else used a pre shave oil?



I tried several. What the oils do is:

  • [li]protect the skin (mainly useful for DEs and cut-throat razor beginners)[/li]
    [li]clog up the brush[/li]
    [li]cling to the washbasin[/li]
In a nutshell: thanks, but no thanks. Castle Forbes' "The Pre Shave", however, is water soluble, and provides the best skin enhancement properties I have found in any pre shave product so far. It is, however, insanely expensive. I use it in the morning (read, 04:30am) only.


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I make my own. (How very typical...)
75% EVOO
20% Castor oil (the stuff for constipation... make of that what you will.):p
Sweet almond oil
jojoba oil
Lavender Essential oil
Tea Tree essential oil

It's as good as anything I've ever bought at any price, and smells really nice too.
Since I'm still a rookie, I find it helps, though I sometimes forget and don't really notice, especially since I switched to Irish Moos shave stick.

I also make a face scrub from the same basic recipe, but adding white table sugar and honey. Works surprisingly well, and i don't get any zits as I did from some of the store bought scrubs/shave oil. Oh.... and cheap! And no SLS.



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Just about the only preshave product I have ever found any use is Proraso Crema Prebarba, it softens the stubble and oils the skin as they all claim too, and it smells divine, can be used as an effective aftershave balm, and costs very little, a jar lasts me almost a year of daily use.

Best Regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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richmondesi said:
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Count me in on that. Regardless better judgment, a man sometimes chooses to draw a line... I personally never wear knee trousers. And I don't do pre-shave oils, nor pre-pre-shave-oil ointments, nor pre-pre-shave-oil-ointment lotions. Just a brush and soap. Occasionally a cream, if I'm in a frivolous mood. :D

Of course: to each his own.

Kind regards,


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Well I'm getting the type of answers I expected:) After I used the sample someone sent me I went back to using a fairly high quality soap with additives that tend to soften skin and not surpising softening the beard as well. What I experience is less pull and a pleasant shave.
If I really want to take my time I cover my face with lather then use the old barber method of a hot soaked towel and leave it on for a couple of minutes. Talk about luxury:)


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Here's a great pre-shave product.
Just put it on, and you can shave with a dull razor. Very safe.


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Gunner777 said:
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It was bad!
I should have gone to the doctor, and I'm lucky I didn't scar:scared:

For the year prior to finding straights, I'd given up...... hardly ever shaving, Gillete had quit even responding to my nasty e-mails, my wife was embarrased to be seen with me because my 8 day stubble most definalty does not look "designer".....

One fateful evening, I happened to spy her tube of Nair, or Neet, or whatever it was.... sitting inocuosly on the counter.
"Removes Hair" it said, in pretty girly script. "Safe For All Skin Types" it said.

:thumbup: I thought. Sounds just the thing. "If she can use that on her girly parts, I'm sure my leathery old mug will be fine"
Seemed pretty obvious to me which skin was tougher....... or so i thought. And "Hey, if facial hair isn't pubes, then what the heck are they? "

Oh how the ignorant are an endless reservoir of daring.:D

8 minutes later, I was almost in tears, trying to rinse that damn napalm off my face! Some of the hair went, some of it stayed, some of my skin went, some of it stayed. Thankfully, the parts that went were only a few layers thick, (my connective tissue was fine; skin grafts weren't required;)
Seriously though, easily first, maybe even second, degree chemical burns on some sections of my face. A horrible patchwork of 7 day stubble randomly scattered amongst sections of skin so smooth it took 4 days to get a 5 o'clock shadow, cherry red and shiny patches that wept for 2 days..... and I had to go a full 10 days before I could shave properly again....

What I'd failed to pay heed to was the fine print that said: "[sup]test on inconspicuous area first[/sup]".

The moral of my story?

Girly parts are freaking tough!:w00t:



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:D :D :D
I can't help myself to laugh with your greatly written story. I am sorry for your painful experiment, but the slapstick aspect just overrules the drama. I can see you standing in your bathroom screaming and swearing at the same time.:D

By the way, have you noticed that the picture of that "Magic" stuff says "formulated exculsively for black men"? How totally weird is that?

Thank you for that painful, yet hilarious story!



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Bart said:
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My pleasure. May my hapless adventure serve as warning to anyone else foolish enough to consider making the same blunder. But save your sympathy... I am my own worst enemy at times:D

BTW, I hope I haven't given the wrong impression with my silly avatar, I am of French and English heritage, but being Canadian, maybe somewhat naive in regards to racial issues. If it's an inappropriate image for a white guy to use, someone should give me a nudge. Otherwise, the only resemblance I bear to it is the look of incredulity on Buckwheat's face.



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I'm sorry, but I can't help cachinnating when I read stories like that... Pain is often very funny :lol:

Thanks for sharing!


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Some times ago when I was a DE shaver I've tried some pre/shaving oil (somersets, l'Occitane cade), my own recipes (mix of jojoba oil, castor oil, essential oil...), vegan glycerin... pre/post proraso, they did nothing for me. But never something as expensive as T&H pre shave oil. They work best as after shave but very oily !!!!
Didn't think to use pre shave oil with my straight razor.

PS : Proraso as aftershave has a very refreshing effect in summer, but do use it on wet face