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Purple Heart


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Here are some photo's of my latest creation. A F.Fenney Sheffield mounted in Purple Heart with a Turquoise with black lines wedge. This wedge material was the same material pictured in the scale project step 1 wedge list. I thought some of you might like to see what it looks like when it is actually used in a project and polished up.

Remember something about exotic colored woods, like these purples and red's. Eventually they will all turn brown. Usually this will happen within 1 year or so and sometimes faster, but it will happen.




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Oh my!… another great creation… I love how the grains show at the butt end.
Fabulous Ray :w00t:


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:love: :love: :love:
What beautiful work as always from you Sir Raymond :thumbup:
Pray tell do my old eyes deceive or is that a straight spacer and not a wedge at the toe end of these wonderful scales?
and is that oh so shiney blade also marked as Tally Ho, similar to the one owned by our own Torben?


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tat2Ralfy said:
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You are such an observent character, however, your eyes are deceiving you. The wedge had a slight imperfection in the thin edge during its making and I didn't know it until it was epoxied in and pinned. I decided to use one of my hand engravers to create an illusion along the edge, and in fact, it did work. So thanks for noticing Ralfy.

Yes that is a Tally Ho.



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What a beautyfull piece of craftmanship Ray :thumbup:
And that wedge had me fooled as well..
Thanks for sharing this,a true pleasure as always.

regards gents