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restored razors


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Hello gents.

I`m new to this forum and also at straight razor shaving, have been doing it for 5-6 months by now.In that relatively short time I`ve picked up a few :) razors and other stuff. Some are fully restored and others are waiting to get attention.

From top and down:

Geneva Cutlery Co.Geneva NY
Joseph Allen & Sons.NON XXL. Sheffield England.
Wester Bros. Booster. Solingen Germany
Henry Sears & Son 1865 (8501) Barbers Queen 1/2 Extra Ground & MFD in Germany
44/20 Trademark. Manganese Steel (??)
288 The Kapitol. Real German hollow ground
Wade & Butcher,Sheffield. Barbers Rattler.

If anyone is interrested I can take more pics...

That's a nice collection.

I have a Manganese steel Bartmann 504 myself. One of my favorite blades.
Here's some extra information about Manganese steel, aka "Mangalloy".

Best regards,
Hmmm ....that was very interresting Bart. The material is extremely thin at the grounded part and feels very fragile. The blade has some pitting and discoloration at the spine but nothing that affects shaving so I decided to leave it that way instead of riscing to spoil it. You gotta know when to stop!!
That's a lot of work you have ahead of you.:)

Polish on the first razor looks perfect. :thumbup:

Kind regards,

So here is the latest restore. It still needs some final polishing,finishing on the pins and honing. Never tried honing a wedge before so maybe I`ll just leave it as it is.

The razor is an old Tally Ho by F.Fenney Sheffield. When I got it,it was in a terrible state with rust and pitting. The old scales were made of horn,most likely buffalo,and broken too.

Managed to make a wedge of a piece of the remaining old scale as I`d like to keep as much of the original as possible.

Had a set of spare scales,they have a few marks and scratches,but they fit nicely,so decided to use them anyway.




Beautiful work. If you don't want to tackle honing that wedge, I'm guessing there is at least one person who'd be willing to hone that for you just to test drive it ;)
Much obliged :)

Hmmm do you really think anyone would hone it? I decided not to try as I dont wont to spoil the finish of the blade...And guess it`s a full wedge?

But if anyone would like to give it at try..well I`d be more than happy to let them!
I'll do it, it looks like an easy enough hone, and altho I say it my self, my edge wont disappoint ;) and it wont cost you :thumbup:

Well if you feel up to it I`ll be happy to let you!!

Tried with tape etc. but it was absolutely no good, so I gave it up.

Offcourse all your expences will be handled by me.

But be warned : It tends to rust very very fast! Once left it wet for a few min. and it had allready started to change color...
Thats cool, I have 1 or 2 antiques that are rather moisture sensitive, I found a good application of "Peek" polish helps,
Ok just post the bad boy off to my studio and I will take care of it, please remember to include a return address, I will P.M the details shortly
Cant wait :thumbup:
Best wishes Ralfy
Very nice work Torben. You should really enjoy shaving with that one.


Hi Ray aint perfect but my best so far..

And by the your Balsa strop last week....I`m almost embarresed to get so much for that price! But thanks,it`s great!

Regards`s bagged and packed and will be sent asap..meaning I`ll be at the post office when they open :thumbup: