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Selbstrasirer Rose


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One of my first, possibly the first, wedge-type SE I acquired: the Rose Selbstrasirer.
Basically a Kampfe-type lathercatcher with a two-piece handle and a stroppinghelp, packed in a tin can that no longer shows what it was for. As this is from around 1896 I found that not too surprising, although I've seen them better preserved.
Originally it came with a Rose blade, mine with a Henkels.
The head has two little "points on top. These are actually adjustment screws, that you can use to adjust how far the blade can move to the comb. The lower part of the handle has a small slot in one end (not photographed because I discovered this feature after taking pics for years ago) that will fit the points and let you adjust.
Last two pics shows similarities and differences with the Comfort SE.
DSC01459.JPG DSC01461.JPG DSC01462.JPG DSC01463.JPG DSC01464.JPG DSC01465.JPG DSC01466.JPG DSC01467.JPG DSC01468.JPG DSC01469.JPG DSC01470.JPG DSC02372_2.JPG DSC02373_2.JPG


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It always amazes me how blatantly the Germans made 100% copies of Kampfe razors without giving any credit.
Other than the writing and markings, both the Rose and the Comfort are identical to Kampfe razors of the time.
The Germans were the Chinese of their age.