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September 27th - OCtober 3rd


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the great scent of the soap and after the shave the scent of a spicy bayrum. love such a start to the day. enjoy the sunday ladies and gentlemen.

Filarmonica doble temple 14
Stirling Mountain Man.
30 mm Silvertip brush.
Clubman virgin island bay rum.
Result. VGS.


Tuxedo RazoRock 400,
Wholly Kaw King of Oud,
Mulcuto Schrägschnitt on titanium Timeless handle,
Treet Dura Sharp (1),
Kruidvat alum,
Wholly Kaw King of Oud aftershave balm.


Careless, smooth headshaver!

Have a nice Sunday!

We're off to my father in-law, eating a little cake for his 80th birthday!

Jan Zoethout

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SOTD 20200927.

3P "La Crema Prodigio".
OUMO Brush LE brush 087/102 / 4th SYN knot.
Mevrouw SoapZ "Scheerzeep mint" scheerzeep.
Karve Christopher Bradley OC-C / Stork "Consul" handle.
Wizamet Super Iridium (1).
Clubman Pinaud "Lilac Vegetal" ASL.

Jan Zoethout

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SOTD 20200928.

Noxzema "Protective Shave" (pre-).
Stork caprolon / Tuxedo.
OUMO Brush "Soul" shaving soap.
Karve Christopher Bradley OC-C / Stork "Consul" handle.
Wizamet Super Iridium (2).
Noxzema "Protective Shave" (after-).
Loris "E-13" EdP (== Creed Aventus).


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Mühle Silvertip Fibre® 21mm,
Le Père Lucièn - Cedre Patchouli,
Paradigm Diamondback,
Rapira Platinum Lux 5th x,
Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Tütün,
Proraso Wood and Spice ASB,
Loris E-220 Dior Sauvage Very Cool.


Brush and soap:
Mühle Silvertip Fibre® 21mm and Le Père Lucièn - Cedre Patchouli:
With the Mühle Silvertip Fibre® 21mm and Le Père Lucièn - Cedre Patchouli. Not really my thing, but sometimes nice and smooth. That soap lends itself best for that and with that brush it goes nicely. Nice foam on the ball with a nice own scent.
Blade and razor:
The Rapira Platinum Lux for the 5th x used.
The Rapira Platinum Lux simply goes well. This blade is good for me for at least 7x, but often longer. Will see it. The Paradigm Diamondback used for the first time with the Rapira Platinum Lux. Well immediately the first stroke with the razor was a hit, that felt good. So what a nice combination. Not like shaving without sence, no head with it, but then a precision piece of work. Nicely balanced shaving.
Result: BBS.
Finally: some extra wood from the Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Tütün, Proraso Wood and Spice ASB and Loris E-220 Dior Sauvage Very Cool.

The King

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Pre-Shave: Acca Kappa White Moss gel

Shaving Soap/cream: Floris no. 89 The Gentleman
Shaving Brush: Shavemac 28 mm. Silvertip Fan 2 bander

DE-Razor: Fatip OC Zebrano wood
DE-Blade: Gillette Nacet 4x

Aftershave: Obsession for Men
Eau de Toilette: Obsession for Men

It's a treat to use shaving soaps that recall the noble myths of wet shaving. For example the Penhaligon's, Acqua di Parma and like today the Floris. Distinctive in scent and unfortunately also often price. And of course you also pay for the celebrity but oh well it gives so much shaving pleasure.

Jan Zoethout

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I now notice that the title of this topic is "September 27th - OCtober 3rd" - October spelled with "OC" in capitals.
Is it a "slip of the pen" or written like that on purpose ?
Would it be a good idea to start a topic "OCtober 2020" dedicated to OC razors during October ?
If more people are going to participate, I'm happy to start such a topic - if not, I pass ... ;-)


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It was not slip of my finger. OCtober is the month of the OC razor and this month is also known as Tabactober.
one month special for that glorious soap and the rest of the Tabac line. Life is good.
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