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Show us your coticules


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This is my natural combo coticule it's about 22 by 5 by 2.5 cm. Found at a local auction house with other natural stone in picture of 20190812_201323.jpg unknown origin and some others. Paid €20 for the lot. Spoke to Maurice from the coticule quarry, he rates it pretty highly and it should be good for razors. Have not had much success however but that's probably just lack of skill on my part. Anyway, it works a treat for my other knives and it barely cost me anything and it's a beautiful object to look at.


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@Tony that's is quite possibly it and that is where my knowledge about stones probably lets me down. It cuts really fast
and without having much to compare it to it does seem quite soft on the coticule side and slurries very quickly. I think I'll just stick to the synthetics for the moment. It might be a bit wasteful but I'll just keep it for my pocket and kitchen knives.


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Here is my Les Latneuses Hybrid coticule:

The very fine but hard side (indeed mere a finisher but I have also honed a Bengal Cast Steel from setting the bevel up to finish with this side)


The backside. Much faster


And I also own two La Grise being quite fast. This is the smaller one: (the other looks quite similar);)



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I picked up a coticule a few days ago. A natural combo with a length of 18 cm, on the hard side and the first impression is that the edges are nice. It’s the greenish one in the middle of the photo.The one left of is more on the softer side which I use after a synthetic setting of the bevel as a prefinisher, you can only finish on this one under running water because it does a little self slurying.

I will be touching up some razors this week with the new Coti

7B3874CE-C93D-4183-BC4D-BA031D08C47E.jpeg 1F4771CB-5B97-4D78-B825-D2AE93C1C278.jpeg


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Got some post from Belgium last week and leveled them today in the morning. From back to front:
  • La Griese natural combination stone with mit BBW layer 200 x 75 mm in wooden Box together with a natural combination slury stone
  • La Veinette natural combination stone with BBW layer 170 x 47 mm
  • La Veinette natural combination stone with BBW layer 125 x 30 mm
  • La Grise glued on slate layer 125 x 30 mm


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A celebrated Belgian Razor Hone

78254329-C6CB-467D-B207-DF7C1ED5D031.jpeg 89AF819B-8753-49F1-A5F8-4C7F63EB928E.jpeg

most coticules were tool grade hones. This one seems to be a razor grade hone. Need to test it.
I have honed a razor from bevel set to finish with it, is not a fast hone, I won’t be using to set bevels. It is however a very good finisher.
Even with slurry there is no blackening like with a la veinette, its more a graying of the slurry.
Finishing is done with water only, there is no selfslurring.

On an other forum a coti lover says he shaves straight from the hone, so I decided to test this with my new hone.
After honing no stropping and after shaving only a couple of passes on the hone, no stropping at all.
i have been doing this for more than a week now and I only had some pulling on the first pass of a 3 day beard. Second pass was good.
interesting option To try on some other hones in the future.


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I was inspired to get this old W.H. Morley out of the archives and prep it for a shave. I always like this razor.. it shows very little wear, and I love the shotgun scales.

Posted here with it's original coffin, priced at $3.50, it was taken to my Select La Veinnette, the first natural stone I bought. Direct from the mine, quite a few years ago, it was the only stone I ever really needed, but I didn't know it at the time..