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Slant Stroke


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Funny name for a razor that is not a slant in any way, nor is humpbacked to force a slanted stroke. Still, it is a slant, so I had to have it :lol
Original case, original blade packs. No research on company yet, but the patentnumber is US2098851
DSC03738.JPG DSC03739.JPG DSC03740.JPG DSC03741.JPG DSC03742.JPG DSC03743.JPG DSC03744.JPG DSC03745.JPG DSC03746.JPG DSC03747.JPG DSC03748.JPG

The King

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Perhaps one of the first examples of “fake news” :lol

He does have a separate color combination, the handle and shaving head are of the same material?
The handle looks like plastic and the shaving head like bakelite.