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Tückmantel & Martin (Tückmar, Hammond, Helgoland, König-Blaubart, Mangold, Ottacar u.a.)


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Also one of the famous Solingen Razor Makers. Not found much about the history but the company Tückmantel & Martin GmbH & Co was deleded from the companies registar only in 2007. Most famous are the "Tückmar" or for international markets "Tuckmar" -"Weltruf" Brands. However, I only got a small Hammond 42 (4/8)

93B92042-3DD3-424F-9246-D153841F6E15.jpeg F2D95547-0D46-4CD0-A496-31C88CCF98A9.jpeg


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@Rudolf1 I did see your razor under the entry bartputzer. I have a razor like your's: a Tückmar 1930 Bartputzer. The size is 6/8.

PICT_20211207_133549.JPG PICT_20211207_133702.JPG