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Thank you, Gary and Joe!


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Gary and Joe, thank you so much for taking and posting those Coticule honing videos (for those of you that come directly to the Cafeteria, check out the Home page) :thumbup: They were extremely helpful. I picked up a number good tips and things to try out. Being able to hear the sound of blade working on the stone was big plus.

Great job!

Cheers, Jeremy


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thank mate,
it was a great day meeting joe. it was a pleasure doing so. The shave i did on my self should be uploaded pritty soon.



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Your welcome.
I've learned how to put video on the internet, I'm not a technocrat at this stuff:lol:


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Splendid video chaps:thumbup: :thumbup:

Tried imitating you Gary and I was surprissed how well it went. I`ve always been a lousy two-handed honer and thats hard to change but now it`s time to change that habbit...methink,perhaps ;)



Great video - was a bit surprised by Gary's half-strokes on water as I've never seen it mentioned as part of the honing repertoire at the finishing stage.

Having tried it though, I do wonder why it's not mentioned more often - it's a nice little shortcut once you've moved to water only.

The other notable observation - Gary makes it look WAY too easy. I guess that's one sign of his mastery. ;)


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You're correct. We have been discussing pressured half-strokes on water to start on the forums, but the dilucot paper, even the revised version, mentions that. They need to be updated because I think it's safe to say it's part of coticule honing "best practices" around here by now