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The Triceratops - another 3D printed SE razor


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Another 3D-printed SE razor.
This time I wasn't involved in the design, but I helped name it.

The design is by
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A very talented designer of shaving stuff in my opinion.

It's a razor for GEM blades and I love the way the blades are secured (see animation)
I have had one printed and have been very impressed.
It's more aggressive than a GEM 19112 or Micromatic, but not frighteningly so.
A very agile little razor giving and irritation and blood-free shave.

The files for printing one yourself can be found here:
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Printing costs were under 5 Euros. Mustn't grumble.




My verdict: 5 thumbs up.

P.S.: My capless slant razor is ready and next.


Producer/ Dealer
Then it will be possible for you to make a Gillette old type? Say for instance a double ring? I wouldn't imagine that the printer can make all the parts for something like a fat boy but it also seems to me that old type would be simple, can items be made out of brass? I'd really like to have a printed razor. Please let me know if you'd be interested and what the cost might be… Thanks very much… Happy Thanksgiving


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Basically... you could... but you'd need a printer that can handle it.
Most 3D printers work by melting the material and extruding it through a nozzle where it then cools and sets as the printed thing.
PLA plastic melts at about 150°C - that's what printers are designed for.
Bronze melts at 950°C, stainless steel at 1500°C - that would incinerate your printer.
I'm sure one could design a printer that doesn't burst into flames if filled with liquid metal, but not for a few hundred €/$/£

The future is already here - just not all of it


Producer/ Dealer
I just thought it might be an interesting thing to do if it were possible by the way the old types are made from brass not bronze, brass has a melting point of 900 – 940 C which is probably too high, perhaps in the future. That's still one heck of a razor you made :)


Producer/ Dealer
I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to try to have a Gillette razor… Old type… Printed just to see how it comes out. I got in touch with one company already but at the moment they have no plans to started a new projects so I'll keep looking