Thiers Issard, France


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Funny, no thread for this nice french razors with old history and still in production yet.

OK, so lets start with a very singing blade. The Evidé Sonnant Extra is the only Thiers I own. 6/8" with black horn scales, ful hollow, singing. In the past the out-of-box sharpness of Thiers was a bit ill-reputed, which was all the more unfortunate as it is certainly not a razor that a beginner sharpens just easy. The steel is much tougher than Solingen's Siver steel. With mine I could not complain about the delivery sharpness. However, after a touch up on a Thuringian "trout" it is much smoother.

EvidentSonannt1.jpg EvidentSonannt3.jpg EvidentSonannte2.jpg


@Tony You did some nice work on shortened it.
The man who owned that razor dropped it in the sink last year. A couple of hours later, the man who is a TI collector stood at my door to buy my wolf and ram. He came to me with tears in eyes and left with a big smile on his face. Shortening such a beautiful razor hurts.