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TI paste fantastic stuff


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Gotta say, I've been struggling latley getting good hht from the stone.
I have achieved good hht but it tends to be hit and miss off the coticule, ah well I shall keep practicing.
Any way tonight with my HHT 1 ti, I give it 10 laps on hanging pasted strop (ti rasoir).
Wow. Get me a killer shave, truly bbs after 3 passes and no irritattion.
I know it seems like succumbing to the dark side, but I think it's wise to remember it's all about the shave and there is no shame in finishing on the strop.
One day maybe I will be getting these shaves straight from the hone, maybe if Gary can be grascious host when I can get to Notts - he can give me a few pointers. In the mean time I am ordering another layer from Ardiness to try.
What are your experiences honing? are there many paste finishers out there?



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Nothing wrong with sharpening pastes. Razor sharpening does not have to be an exercise in doing things the hard way.
As you said the idea is to have a pleasant shave.



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Sssh dont tell anyone but.......

A while a go, when Gary and I were still getting the odd "fail" with the Dilucot, we would give it 10 or so on a TI pasted hanging strop, pulled real tight, and with very light laps, it gives a wonderful smooth shave as you now know :thumbup:

It was our secret weapon for a while, of course we dont use it much anymore, well I dont ;)

It is the only paste I ever used that was a nice shave, Dovo red/black and green CrOx all leave my face on fire!

Ralfson (Dr)


Joey I dont know what layer you use .I am not opposed with the pastes but im sure that after a training time on the coticule (any coticule) having a solid 3,4 HHT before stopping you will never mentions again the pastes.The only thing you will not know is what automatically changed
having a sharp a smooth edge directly from the coticule.


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Deckard said:
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Joe your welcome any time to pop in with your hone's. The ti paste is great stuff. I always recomemnd it. There is nothing wrong in using it. It works better than crox. I had a new ti that came and it was harsh. 10 laps on ti paste and it was super smooth.


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Thank you:thumbup:

So to summarize the options for pastes we have:

  1. [li]Chromium Oxide[/li]
    [li]Diamond Pastes[/li]
    [li]Aluminum Oxide (TI paste)[/li]

Any others?

How would they rank?



Well, besides CrO there is also FeO, and then there is always metal polish - whatever that contains. I suggest you just give it a try.


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Over here we have a brand called "Mothers" chrome polish that is very effective, while some others are not. I only discovered this on my own in my previous life of straight razors. I still have a six inch piece of leather that works great after ten years.


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Or we could simply learn to get the most out of our Coticules, making the use of pastes redundant :thumbup:

Ralfson (Dr)