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Trumpf is a well-known brand from the DDR, probably even from pre-DDR-tims. The CP in the middle of their logo should be the producer, but so far it is unknown who that producer was. It is possible that the less often seen Pneumand razors came from the same manufacturer.
Trumpf is best known for their Fasan N°1 type slants, but they did make regular DE's as well.

Packaging of the next two razors reminds of the 1950s. They actually did have different packaging for dfferent models, see coloringdifferences and lack of EVP (Einzelhandelsverkaufspreis=retail price, governmental decided in the DDR) on the slant case.
Also note the variation in coloringscheme between the two razors.
The slant shaves like a Fasan N°1: fabulous.

DSC02080.JPG DSC02081.JPG DSC02082.JPG DSC02083.JPG DSC02084.JPG DSC02085.JPG DSC02086.JPG DSC02087.JPG DSC02088.JPG DSC02089.JPG


Absurd hero
Here's my Trumpf travelset. Nice case, Trumpf slant in darkbrown bakelite. Two tubes, one with a very old stick, one empty, to place a brush in. One bladebank, one stypticpen holder. Everything branded Trumpf. Mirror is supplied as well, that is unbtanded.
DSC03403.JPG DSC03404.JPG DSC03406.JPG DSC03407.JPG DSC03408.JPG DSC03410.JPG


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I thought that was the family name when they emigrated from Germany. Still, these razors remind me of my President with the Trumpf name written everywhere it fits. ;)