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Unknown OC Razors


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What kind of brand is that?

I have two almost identical vintage safety razors here.

I got the left one a few years ago and it was in a box from the Wuttig Apperatebau company. It is chrome-plated and weighs 78 grams an No aritations.

I got the right safety razor today, it is almost identical. It's silver-plated! and has two aritations at the end of the handle. A ball and a hollow.

It weighs 78.4 grams and you cannot remove the sleeve from either razor. As with the old Rotbart 15 safety razors, they are fastened with a sleeve.

Both have 12 teeth and a bulldog handle and are of very high quality. Who can tell me more about this safety razor? Manufacturer??

DSC03852.JPG DSC03853.JPG DSC03854.JPG DSC03855.JPG DSC03857.JPG DSC03862.JPG DSC03863.JPG


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This looks like a prototype and an unfinished one. Could be for adjust-ability but the Gap is not moving. It seems as if they haven't built the had yet. The head seems to be a Gillette old type style, the same in the Merkur 15C (My first safety razor ever).
Is there a way you can disassemble the razor, maybe we can clues about the intent of the maker.