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Vintage "Biber" paddle strop restauration work


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Few days ago I won this "Biber" strop on Croatian on line auction site ( Won price was 4 EUR (together with shipping cost) but strop was in really bad condition (dry leather, much nicks, lot of chromium oxide applied etc...etc). I was so angry that I did not take photos.
But after some work the strop become one of my best looking :)

Photo 1: Photo from the auction site (of course it shows the better side of the strop)


Photo 2: Strop after some restauration work





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Mother of!!!
That's a remarkable transformation... looks like new... Did you change the leather?


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Smythe said:
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No, I did not change leather.
First I sand it down with 240 grit samdpaper (Dremel work), after that I sand it with 1000 grit sandpaper (hand work) and finally I sand it with pumice stone.
After all I put few thin coats of Fromm "Illinois" strop dressing. I left it dry between coats (for an 2 or 3 hours). It need few coats because after first two coats the leather color was uneven.