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Reserved - Payment pending Walbusch B5

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Dear good friends

Up for your consideration one of the most coveted pieces of shaving gear, the Walbusch B5. Basically a slanted Progress, and one of three slants I know of with adjustable agression: all other adjustable slants adjust cutting angle only.
Razor comes with no case, and two defects: a chip is missing from the bottom of the baseplate, and one corner has bumped into something so shows a blemish. See pictures.
DSC03924.JPG DSC03925.JPG DSC03926.JPG DSC03928.JPG DSC03929.JPG

See chip of baseplate on the right side of the razor: DSC03930.JPG DSC03931.JPG DSC03932.JPG

See small thingy on the right side of the razor: DSC03934.JPG
Sellingprice: €360, world wide shipping included. I know it's expensive, but it's still less than I paid for it.
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