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  1. efsk

    John Watts New Service razor

    Amazing little contraption, this razor made by the 1765 founded John Watts in Sheffield. Peter has done some digging up history of the company, so I'll just bother you with the razor, which was first released and patented in the UK in 1929, in the US in 1931. I placed this in my slant...
  2. efsk

    Unknown Adjustable Angle Slant

    Been sitting in my displaycabinet for quite a while now, never used it as it's too pretty. Kabrand-type adjustable angle razor in pastic, with metal cap. Cap is interesting, in that it has a triangle kind of shape. DRPG, so apparently German made.
  3. efsk


    An SE @gvw755 pointed me at. Takes thin blades, clamped down by the cap that is branded Krytyk. Bottom of the base only has Pat'd July 18, 1911. Patent meant is number 998009, patentee Floyd D Jones. Razor was produced by the Jones Razor & Mfg. Co., Kansas City, Missouri. U.S. and has a head...
  4. efsk

    Eversharp (Norway)

    It was a little confusing, this razor. Eversharp, isn't that Schick? Didn't Gillette have something to do with it back in the day? Big question marks until @sɐǝɹpu∀ found the solution: there was an Eversharp in Norway that was not related to Schick or Gillette. He even showed the patent for it...
  5. efsk

    Reserved - Payment pending Walbusch B5

    Dear good friends Up for your consideration one of the most coveted pieces of shaving gear, the Walbusch B5. Basically a slanted Progress, and one of three slants I know of with adjustable agression: all other adjustable slants adjust cutting angle only. Razor comes with no case, and two...
  6. efsk


    Matador was a Swedish razormaker, known for their DE's. After I found out they made their own version of the Apollo/Ben Hur Mikron, I was searching for one. Took a few years but end of November I found one, bought it, and waited. The damn thing entered Dutch customs December 3rd, and finally was...
  7. efsk

    Merkur Progress

    One of the more iconic razors available is the Merkur Progress. Since the early 1950s, the 500 series has been available basically unchanged, changes in finishing excepted. Some other variations, notably the 800-series, have long been discontinued. Based on an original patent by Walter Busch, of...