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Wolfman or Darwin razor

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To be more specific if I can do it this way:
- Darwin or Darwin deluxe
- Wolfman Wr2 head, OC or SB, Ti or SS and Darwin handle, either together or separate.



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Are you sure about the Darwin? Will cost $$$ and the shave IMHO is rather meeuhhh.
About the Wolfman Darwin handle I don't know but I can look out for a WR2 head but need to know what your willing to spend (send pm for that). Every once in a while someone among my friends sells one. Be advised (again IMHO) the WR2 shaves (for me) less good then the WR1 and even that one doesn't make it in my top ten of razors. Hope you find one! (prices have doubled recently so expect it to be $$$)


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You could always sell one of your BBS-1 razors ;) Yesterday there was one for sale for 1.150 USD and it didn't took long :z04975


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Maybe the buyer erred and thought it was 1,15. Wouldn’t be the first one to get bitten by not recognising the difference between decimal point or comma.


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how we all differ from one another, I had a BBS-1 on two different occasions and there was no love there for me :(
That being said if you let me know what you're willing to spend (of should you consider trading your sons razor) and I can send the info to my contacts and have them inform if there is someone considering trading/selling (email of pb please).