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  1. efsk


    Here's a nice Swedish SE that is not seen or talked about that often. Petty, really, as it is stunning in its simplicity. Just a bit more complex that a Rolls or a Darwin SE, but without the stropping machines that are an integral part of those. The Doma is basically a handle with a baseplate...
  2. efsk

    Still V.E. Angle

    A few years back I found razorblades of the Still Angle brand. Pics showed these to be far from standard, and suggested a slanted razor, so I bought a bunch. Ever since I've been searching for the razor that should hold them. The blades: Then, recently, I found a razor advertised as the Still...
  3. efsk

    Apollo (France)

    In France, Paris to be more exact, the Société General de Coutellerie & Orfèvrerie produced cutlery and razors under the Apollo brand. They did this since 1907, unknown how long. Most of these needed proprietary blades. Some were given away, branded with motormagazinelogo, or vineyardlogo, stuff...