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Ahhh yes..Coti ordered..


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Today I ordered a coticule from the ardennes..Would have liked it larger,something like Ralfy`s but budget is limmited to a 150*40 mm so that will have to make do. Hopefully I allready have a slurrystone..But am really really really really looking forward to it!!! hahahah..I`m getting a coti..I`m getting a coti..I`m getting a coti :) :) :) Yeahhhhhh..allready waiting for the post guy...
Good Shout! 150x40mm is actually more than enough, my Bout size #9 only has a useable length of around 10-11cm. The width of mine does vary a lot - from 5 to 8cm in the usable part - but this doesnt matter, If my hone was 10x4cm, im sure i would get just as good result from it, so your 15cm will be plenty.

Enjoy it! :thumbup:
Well..I surely hope that it is wide enough...leghthwise I`m not concerned,but I find it difficult to hone on a narrow stone.But it`s surrely a matter of learning,and that I`m willing to.Have a 12k chinese hone at the approx. same size and its feels very greasy. Offcourse this is a very different thing....Oh hurry up on your way through europe!!
To be honest I think 40mm is the perfect width, and 150mm is a great length for a decent stroke and to be held in your hand. So 150mmx40mm is a perfect size IMO. :thumbup:

I love how excited people get when they order a new stone, especially when it's their first of that kind. I can completely relate. :p

Do you know what layer the coticule is from? Perhaps you could post a picture of it when it arrives, I love pictures of stones!

I agree that 150mm x 40mm is a great standard for honing razors. May personal favorite is 200mm x 40mm, but the added length is only a luxury. If you can't hone on 40mm, you can't hone on 50mm either. You're going to be fine, Torben.

Please keep us posted,

No,dont know what layer it`s from...ordered a standard coti,so will get whatever they are sending me :) Did`nt find it important to get a selected as it most likely wont perform better.Also I`m a newbie a cotis so this an entry to a new kind of honing.

And thanks Bart...that really boosted my self confidence :thumbup: You`re completely right though...So I`ll keep you posted on my misadventures with the coti...hehehehe
ahhhh,,what a awsome great incredible week: Coti on it`s way from the Ardennes, a W&B on it`s way to Sir Bart for honing and another DA (or two) joining it on it`s way back.
I`m a totally happy guy!!!Thanx Sir Bart for this friendly site...
Now I`m just waiting. heheheheheh
After 480.000 million years + one week the coti arrived yesterday.

First of all : As I have nothing to compare with, I know nothing about speed etc.

It measures 150*40*10 effective mm and has a few red and orange stains. The surface is very smooth and almost glass like with weins almost looking like hard wood..Ìt`s got some small white dots looking like tiny bubbles of air caught in the surface. I took a good look at the coti vault and the one looking the most like it is number 21.

It does take quite some time to build up good slurry but again I don`t know if thats normal.

Offcourse I had to try it out right away and the results were as expected..the edge became more dull than it was before :rolleyes: This was (trying to hehe) using dilucut methode. Tried again using the progressive methode and managed to shave with it..not a good shave but better than expected.

It will definitely take time to learn using a coti as it is very different from artificial hones,but thats part of the fun:thumbup:




A few hours later:

Now I`ve honed 3 razors and things are improving. Slurry seems to build up better and the hone is more agressive. And it leaves the edge mirror like:thumbup: It`s got a really sweet sound when honing..just the right swoooshhh or more like a swissssshhhh:rolleyes:

Had some worries about the width of the stone but that`s really not a problem - You were right again Bart - and the 150 mm length is enough to get a nice drag at the entire edge of the razor.

So all in all...I`m a happy honing guy!
It indeed looks like "La Grosse Jaune" (n°21). I know you can't compare to other Coticules, but does it have a distinct draw, that remains present on water, and blends with a feel of fine abrasion while using slurry?
Gary loves his one.

Best regards,

PS. regrind and polished your razor today. So far, I'm pleased with the outcome.:) Still need to cut a new bevel and hone it.
Bart said:
PS. regrind and polished your razor today. So far, I'm pleased with the outcome.:) Still need to cut a new bevel and hone it.

Come on down! woo hoo!:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Oh yeah, and well done on the Coti Torben :thumbup:
It indeed looks like "La Grosse Jaune" (n°21). I know you can't compare to other Coticules, but does it have a distinct draw, that remains present on water, and blends with a feel of fine abrasion while using slurry?

Ideed it does have that feel...a very precise description Bart.

Cant wait to see the Tally Ho :) Hope you will post some pictures for all the guys to see,that could be interresting.

Kind regards from snow covered Denmark
Sooo...Now there is no longer any excuse:
Razor ; Henry Sears & Son 1865
Hone ; Coticule
Strop; A premium leather strop cut by Ray
Lather and prep; HOT shower and and Palmolive shave creame.

If anything fails at this moment,one is to blame...

Reasons for failing:

Razor: None
Hone: None..User..High posibillity
Strop: None..User..Very high posibillity
Lather and prep: None

That leaves one isue: Me..and that is one part of the equtian that cant be taken out and unfortunatelly the weakset part ;-)

Gonna put the boys to bed and then try a....perfect shave....Bwhahahah..right..

I belive you are right dr. Ralphson ...that laughter might catch on?

You can do this buddy, nice and relaxed, take your time, and remember: you are in control, you are in control, you are in control! Bwhahahaha!!

If all fails just do your cheeks, once down, once from the outside in, and once up, remember to stretch the skin tight and if you hold the razor lightly but firmly you will be cooler than an eskimo's cold bits.
HEHEHE..right Ralfy..
Decided to play it cool and act like an experienced shaver instead...went for the full monty.
Long quick strokes...cheeks okay.
Chin...25 mm strokes
Under the nose...short back and forth strokes. 2 small cuts (they were there from a previous shave)

Guess 2 glasses of redwine helped encouaring the shave:)

And I`ll be damned ...this is the closest and most comfortable SR shave I least it didnt hurt hehehehe..

And that shaving creame...Much easier than making uberlather,and works just as well...What will be the next? Creame in a spray bottle? And lets not start a creame/lather war,please.

So this was the first all genuiene SR shave....and a most comfortable one indeed.

Thanks Gents
Very Very Cool Torben my friend, I knew you could do it :thumbup: are you not inspired? and proud of your achievement, you should be, I know that here on the interweb we all hang out and share this passion/obsession, but out there in the "Real" world how many people shave with a straight? not many I know, I meet a fair few people through work and have yet to meet another straight user.
So SHAVE ON!! buddy well done :thumbup:

I have been doing this a while now and still love it love it love it!

Oh yeah, I wouldnt trust me either, I cant be left out in the world alone, bwhahahahahahaha (true)
Amazing! Admirable! Awesome! (Triple A)

So you honed your first edge with a Coticule, and had your first real straight razor shave with it, both with good success? Did I read that right? And people say this is difficult? :D



Ps. I'm moving this thread to the Coticule Tavern. (in an attempt to keep this place tidy:lol: )