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August 18th - August 24th 2019


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  • Floid Pre Shave Oil
  • Speick men RC
  • Thäter 4125/5 2-Band
  • Wacker 6/8 Chevalier
  • Klar Klassik Rasierwasser
  • Klar Klassik EdT
Stirling 26/54,
Stirling Hipster,
Original RazoRock Game Changer 68P on Stork Consul handle,
PolSilver Super Iridium (3),
Kruidvat alum,
Stirling Hipster post shave balm.


Cold peppermint shower.
I like the Hipster scent very much, it would have been nice if it would last a little bit longer and stronger.
Shaving with this Stirling is very good!
Shaving Soap
: Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet
After Shave : Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet
After Shave Balm: Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet
Eau de Toilette: Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet

Shaving Brush: Shavemac 26 mm. Silvertip D01 Flat
Safety Razor: Mühle R41-2103
Razor Blade: Feather

Today we had a new combination on the program: the Mühle R41-2013 and a Feather razor blade. This was one of the favorite shaving combinations of @maranatha and that made me curious.

Well to go for a smooth shave and no irritation at all ........... I'm still amazed.

Of course, the great shaving products of Penhaligon's did help.

Would there also be a good translation into English of the Dutch word "Snob"? :kaputtlachen1
Would there also be a good translation into English of the Dutch word "Snob"? :kaputtlachen1
Some short research into the etymology of the word snob shows the dutch word probably comes from the English "snob", so there may well be a good translation ;)
  • Charcoal lvl2 SS
  • Lord Classic (4)
  • DScosmetics black and white marbled 30mm Tuxedo
  • Wickham 1912 - Shamrock Tweed
  • Tabac Original Aftershave
Why i had such a hard time the first two shaves with the Charcoal will stay an unanswered question, with a little attention it shaves like a dream, but the right angle is rather narrow. The new brush was great to use, i thought 30 mm would be to big, and probably to soft, but the way the knot is placed (deep) gives some extra support and backbone that otherwise would be to soft for my taste. Great lathering resulted, although the Shamrock Tweed did not keep its great dry smell for long as a lather. some parts of the complete smell went missing. Not a bad soap, not a great soap, rather to timid in scent for my taste, i hoped the dry smell would stand up when water was added, alas, it did not.
As the shave resulted in a BBS shave but not much scent left, i decided to go old-style this Sunday, some Tabac was used.
Razor: Occam's Razor
Blade: Feather Pro Guard
Soap: Eufros Brisa de Oriente
Brush: Rubberset Replica
Aftershave: Felix Schulze Bay Rum
Pomade: Quixote Waterbased Bay Rum

Hi Friends,

moments ago i had my very first shave with an Occam's Razor.

Without any exaggeration i can say, that this was a stellar shave. Easily the best shave i had in the last few weeks, if not months.

Maybe it was the combination with this fantastic soap, which made the shave so effortless, smooth and gentle.

So i loaded the brush for about 30 seconds and lathered up.

The scent was all over the bathroom, so i started shaving. I didn't realize, that the blade was cutting and checked it. No stubbles left!!!

And so were the other passes. No pressure applied and all stubbles were gone with only a few minor touch ups.

I'm really impressed. No doubt that the three dot plate could do an even better job, but the two dotted plate has been fantastic so far.

Rinsing with cold water and almost no stinging or burning at all. Great!!!

Have a great time everyone.


SotD 18.08.2019 Forum.JPG
Shavemac zebra/beehive/24/56/bulb/Silvertip/D01
Castle Forbes - Lavender
Pils - 101NE
Voskhod (3)

After a long hot bath with some Larch&Lavender bathfoam, I had to continue the lavendertheme so that's where the choice of soap came from. The Shavemac D01 is a dream to use. It just keeps getting better it seems.
The Pils has definately proved itself one terrific razor. Make sure the edge of the cap and the safetybar both touch your face and effortless very effective shaving happens automatically. Very impressed. Very happy with this razor.
RazoRock 400,
Barrister & Mann 42,
RazoRock Game Changer OC 84P on Stork Consul handle,
Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus (1),
Kruidvat alum,
Lemon Eau de Cologne.


Smooth, comfortable shave!
The scent of the soap is nice but could have been more.
Slick and slide is really good.